2021 Symposium on Nuclear Data 2021年度核データ研究会

from Thursday, 18 November 2021 (09:30) to Friday, 19 November 2021 (17:30)

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18 Nov 2021
19 Nov 2021
Opening Address 開会挨拶 (until 10:00) ()
Studies at J-PARC and JAEA J-PARC・JAEA施設関連 -Dr Osamu IWAMOTO (JAEA) (until 12:00) ()
10:00 A Plan of Proton Irradiation Facility at J-PARC and Possibilities of Application to Nuclear Data Research J-PARCにおける陽子照射施設計画と核データ研究への応用への可能性 - Dr Fujio MAEKAWA (J-PARC Center, JAEA)   ()
10:30 Status and prospects on light sterile neutrino searches ステライルニュートリノ探索の現状と展望 - Dr Takasumi MARUYAMA (KEK)   ()
11:00 Research reactor JRR-3 restart !! -Invitation to the various neutron utilization- 研究炉JRR-3運転再開!! ―その多彩な中性子利用についてー - Dr Hideaki MATSUE (JRR-3 Users Office JAEA)   ()
11:30 Recent activities for nuclear data measurements in ANNRI ANNRIにおける核データ測定研究の現状 - Dr Atsushi KIMURA (JAEA)   ()
Current Status and Prospects of Nuclear Data Study 2 核データ研究の現状と展望2 -Prof. Tatsuya KATABUCHI (Tokyo Institute of Technology) (until 10:00) ()
09:00 Development of FRENDY version 2 FRENDY第2版の開発 - Dr Kenichi TADA (JAEA)   ()
09:30 Utilization and Promotion of Covariance Data of Nuclear Data 共分散データの活用促進に向けて - Prof. Go CHIBA (Hokkaido University)   ()
10:00 --- Break 休憩 ---
Nuclear Data Section Award in 2021 核データ部会賞講演 -Dr Nobuhiro SHIGYO (Kyushu University) (until 12:00) ()
10:30 Energy and angular distribution of photoneutron for 16.6 MeV polarized photon on medium-heavy targets - Ms Kim Tuyet Tran (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization)   ()
11:00 Study of thick target neutron yields from deuteron- and triton-induced reactions at 6.7 MeV/u  厚い標的からの重陽子及びトリトン入射中性子生成に関する研究 - Mr Hayato TAKESHITA (Kyushu University)   ()
11:30 Neutron beam filter system for fast neutron cross-section measurement at the ANNRI beamline of MLF/J-PARC - Dr Gerard Rovira Leveroni (JAEA)   ()
12:00 --- Lunch 昼食 ---
Current Status and Prospects of Nuclear Data Study 1 核データ研究の現状と展望1 -Dr Naoki YAMANO (Tokyo Institute of Technology) (until 14:30) ()
13:00 Outline of JENDL-5 JENDL-5の概要 - Dr Osamu IWAMOTO (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   ()
13:30 Integral Tests of Preliminary JENDL-5 for Critical and Shielding Experiments - Dr Yasunobu NAGAYA Dr Yasunobu NAGAYA (JAEA)   ()
14:30 --- Break 休憩 ---
Tutorial 1 チュートリアル1 -Prof. Satoshi CHIBA (Tokyo Institute of Technology) (until 15:40) ()
15:00 New developments in TALYS and TENDL-2021 - Prof. Arjan Koning (IAEA)   ()
15:40 --- Break 休憩 ---
Poster ポスター (until 18:30) ()
16:00 [P01] 241Am Neutron Capture Cross Section Measurement and Resonance Analysis - Dr Gerard Rovira Leveroni (JAEA)   ()
16:00 [P02] Development of a method for calculating displacement damage dose of semiconductors by space radiation using PHITS code - Dr Yosuke Iwamoto (JAEA)   ()
16:00 [P03] Estimation of fission fragment yields using random-walk models on microscopic mean-field potentials - Mr Kazuki Fujio (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   ()
16:00 [P04] The optical potential for neutron-nucleus scattering derived by Bayesian optimization - Mr Shoto Watanabe (Hokkaido-Univ)   ()
16:00 [P05] Small-angle scattering measurements for cement paste samples using X-rays and neutrons in Hokkaido University - Dr Kaoru Hara (Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University)   ()
16:00 [P06] Design of a new shadow bar to improve the accuracy of benchmark experiments of large-angle elastic scattering reaction cross sections by 14MeV neutrons - Mr Kazuki Fukui (Osaka University)   ()
16:00 [P07] Problem on gammas emitted in capture reaction of TENDL-2019 and JEFF-3.3 - Dr Chikara Konno (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   ()
16:00 [P08] Measurement of 107-MeV proton-induced double-differential neutron yields for iron for research and development of accelerator-driven systems - Dr Hiroki Iwamoto (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   ()
16:00 [P09] TOF measurement of neutron capture cross section of Re-185 in keV region - Mr Yaoki Sato (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   ()
16:00 [P10] Benchmark Experiment for Large Angle Scattering Cross Sections for Tungsten with 14 MeV Neutrons - Mr Sota Araki (Osaka university)   ()
16:00 [P11] Energy dependence of total kinetic energy of fission fragments for the standard and superlong modes analyzed separately by 4D Langevin model - Mr Kazuya Shimada (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   ()
16:00 [P12] Development of activation detector for ultra-long term DT neutron irradiation - Mr Yoshihide Iwanaka (Osaka University)   ()
16:00 [P13] Semi-empirical nuclear fission yield model for astronomical use based on the four-dimensional Langevin approach - Dr Chikako Ishizuka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   ()
16:00 [P14] Development of counter telescopes for light charged particles emitted from muon nuclear reaction on Si - Mr Hiroya Fukuda (Kyushu University)   ()
16:00 [P15] Study on JQMD and INCL models for α particle incident neutron production - Mr Kenta SUGIHARA (Kyushu University, RIKEN Nishina Center)   ()
16:00 [P16] Theoretical Evaluation of neutron thermal scattering laws of heavy water for JENDL-5 - Dr Akira Ichihara (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   ()
16:00 [P17] Study of thermal scattering law of hydrogen in water with analysis of TCA critical experiments - Dr TORU YAMAMOTO   ()
16:00 [P18] Formulation of a shell–cluster overlap integral with the Gaussian expansion method - Mr Riu Nakamoto (Department of Pure and Applied Physics, Kansai University)   ()
16:00 [P19] Design of real-time absolute epi-thermal neutron flux intensity monitor with LiCaF detector - Mr Daisuke Hatano (Osaka University)   ()
16:00 [P20] Measurement of natIn(g, xn) reaction cross sections with the 63 MeV bremsstrahlung - Dr Ayano Makinaga (JIFS)   ()
16:00 [P21] Shielding design for 3 GeV next generation synchrotron radiation facility - Dr Hiroki Matsuda (QST)   ()
16:00 [P22] Design and Construction of Epi-thermal Neutron Field with a Am-Be Source for Basic Researches for BNCT - Mr Takahiro Hirayama (Graduate school of Engineering, Osaka University)   ()
16:00 [P23] Visualization of nuclear data used in PHITS and utilization of a tool to convert EXFOR to PHITS-readable format - Dr Naoya Furutachi (Research organization for information science and technology)   ()
Online Social Gathering オンライン懇親会 (until 21:30) ()
12:00 --- Lunch 昼食 ---
Nuclear and Particle Physics 原子核・素粒子物理 -Dr Katsuhisa NISHIO (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) (until 14:00) ()
13:00 Study of radii of proton and nuclei by electron scattering 電子散乱による陽子と原子核の半径測定 - Prof. Toshimi SUDA (Research Center for Electron-Photon Science, Tohoku University)   ()
13:30 A nuclear periodic table: from elementouch to nucletouch 原子核で周期表を作ってみたら:エレメンタッチからニュークリタッチへ - Prof. Kouichi HAGINO (Kyoto University)   ()
14:00 --- Break 休憩 ---
Tutorial 2 チュートリアル2 -Dr Fujio MAEKAWA (J-PARC Cener, JAEA) (until 15:00) ()
14:20 Role of ADS and its development issues ADSの役割と開発課題 - Dr Kenji NISHIHARA (JAEA)   ()
Medical, Radioisotope Production, Analysis 医療,アイソトープ生成および分析 -Dr Hiroki IWAMOTO (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) (until 17:00) ()
15:00 Production of At-211 using a cyclotron and an import plan of Ac-225 サイクロトロンにおけるAt-211生成とAc-225輸入計画 - Prof. Mitsuhiro FUKUDA (RCNP, Osaka University)   ()
15:30 Production of an alpha-emitting radionuclide At-211 for medical use at JAEA tandem accelerator タンデム加速器施設での核医学利用α放射性核種At-211生成 - Dr Ichiro NISHINAKA (Tokai Quantum Beam Science Center, Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute, National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology)   ()
16:00 Development of the injector for heavy-ion therapy using laser-driven ion acceleration レーザー駆動重イオン加速器を利用した重粒子線がん治療器入射器の開発 - Dr Hironao SAKAKI (QST kansai)   ()
16:30 Challenging studies by accelerator mass spectrometry for the development of environmental radiology 環境放射能学の発展を目指した加速器質量分析による挑戦的研究 - Dr Maki HONDA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   ()
Closing Address 閉会挨拶 (until 17:30) ()