KEK Theory Meeting on Particle Physics Phenomenology (KEK-PH2023)

from Tuesday, 7 November 2023 (09:00) to Friday, 10 November 2023 (18:30)
KEK (Kobayashi Hall)

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7 Nov 2023
8 Nov 2023
9 Nov 2023
10 Nov 2023
Registration & Opening (until 10:05) (Kobayashi Hall)
09:30 Registration & Opening   (Kobayashi Hall)
Plenary - Ryuichiro KITANO (until 10:45) (Kobayashi Hall)
10:05 Monika Blanke "Recent news on the R(D(*)) anomaly"   (Kobayashi Hall)
10:45 --- Break ---
Short talks - Ryuichiro KITANO (until 11:55) (Kobayashi Hall)
11:05 Hugues Beauchesne "Observability of the Higgs boson decay to a photon and a dark photon"   (Kobayashi Hall)
11:30 William DeRocco "Exploring the dark side with high-cadence microlensing"   (Kobayashi Hall)
Short talks - Masato Yamanaka (until 11:55) (Meeting Room)
11:05 Keiichi Watanabe "Revisiting Froggatt-Nielsen Mechanism"   (Meeting Room)
11:30 Lukas Treuer "Quantum Effects on Neutrino Parameters From a Flavored Gauge Boson"   (Meeting Room)
11:55 --- Lunch ---
Plenary - Motoi ENDO (until 09:40) (Kobayashi Hall)
09:00 Takashi Kaneko "Flavor physics from lattice QCD"   (Kobayashi Hall)
09:40 --- Break ---
Short talks - Hiroaki Sugiyama (until 11:40) (Meeting Room)
10:00 Morimitsu Tanimoto "Fermion mass hierarchy and CP violation in modular symmetry"   (Meeting Room)
10:25 Yukimura Izawa "S4 flavor model with 3HDM"   (Meeting Room)
10:50 Ryosuke Suda "Model building by Coset space dimensional reduction using eight-dimensional coset spaces"   (Meeting Room)
11:15 Tetsuo Shindou "Low-scale leptogenesis and dark matter in a three-loop radiative seesaw model"   (Meeting Room)
Short talks - Motoi ENDO (until 11:40) (Kobayashi Hall)
10:00 Takuya Agemura "On Λ_QCD^2/m renormalons of pole mass and interquark potential"   (Kobayashi Hall)
10:25 Ahmed Hammad "Classical/Quantum contrastive learning models for collider analyiss"   (Kobayashi Hall)
10:50 Mihoko NOJIRI "Anatomy of Jet classification using deep learning"   (Kobayashi Hall)
11:15 Satsuki Nishimura "Exploring the flavor structure of quarks and leptons with reinforcement learning"   (Kobayashi Hall)
11:40 --- Lunch ---
Plenary - Kazunori KOHRI (KEK/Theory) (until 09:40) (Kobayashi Hall)
09:00 Andrea Mitridate "PTAs: where we are and where we are going"   (Kobayashi Hall)
Plenary - Kazunori KOHRI (KEK/Theory) (until 10:20) (Kobayashi Hall)
09:40 Yuichi Harikane "JWST Observations of High Redshift Galaxies"   (Kobayashi Hall)
10:20 --- Break ---
Short talks - Masahiro Ibe (until 11:55) (Meeting Room)
10:40 Joe Sato "Asymmetric mediator in scotogenic model"   (Meeting Room)
11:05 Shonosuke Takeshita "W boson mass and grand unification via the type-II seesaw-like mechanism"   (Meeting Room)
11:30 Keiya Ishiguro "Finite Landscape on toroidal orientifolds with h^{2, 1} = 1"   (Meeting Room)
Short talks - Andrea Mitridate (until 11:55) (Kobayashi Hall)
10:40 Kensuke Akita "Supernova 1987A limits on heavy neutral leptons and ${\rm U(1)}_{L_\mu-L_\tau}$ gauge bosons from the high-energy tail of neutrino fluxes"   (Kobayashi Hall)
11:05 Natsumi Nagata "Vortex Creep Heating vs. Dark Matter Heating in Neutron Stars,"   (Kobayashi Hall)
11:30 JUNSEOK LEE "Nanohertz Gravitational Waves from Axion Domain Walls Coupled to QCD"   (Kobayashi Hall)
11:55 --- Lunch ---
Plenary - Yuta Hamada (until 09:40) (Kobayashi Hall)
09:00 Hajime Otsuka "Flavor, CP and Modular Symmetries from the top down and the bottom up"   (Kobayashi Hall)
Plenary - Yuta Hamada (until 10:20) (Kobayashi Hall)
09:40 Kantaro Ohmori "generalized symmetry in particle phenomenology"   (Kobayashi Hall)
10:20 --- Break ---
Short talks - Gregory Loges (KEK) (until 11:25) (Kobayashi Hall)
10:35 Ryo Yokokura "Generalized chiral instabilities, linking numbers, and non-invertible symmetries"   (Kobayashi Hall)
11:00 Takafumi Kai "Flavor, CP and Metaplectic Modular Symmetries in Type IIB Chiral Flux Vacua"   (Kobayashi Hall)
Short talks - Ahmed Hammad (until 11:25) (Meeting Room)
10:35 Yuanyuan Wang "Disappearance of the first-order chiral phase transition in QCD: cosmological implications for dark QCD,"   (Meeting Room)
11:00 Takumi Kuwahara "Dark Hadrons at LHC lifetime frontier"   (Meeting Room)
11:25 --- Break ---
Plenary - Wakutaka NAKANO (KEK) (until 12:20) (Kobayashi Hall)
11:40 Masazumi Honda "Application of Quantum Computation to High Energy Physics"   (Kobayashi Hall)
Plenary - Monika Blanke (until 14:10) (Kobayashi Hall)
Plenary - Monika Blanke (until 14:50) (Kobayashi Hall)
14:10 Yusuke Uchiyama "High-energy physics with muons"   (Kobayashi Hall)
14:50 --- Workshop photo + Break ---
Plenary - Yutaka SAKAMURA (until 15:50) (Kobayashi Hall)
15:10 Akimasa Ishikawa "Status and Prospects at Belle II"   (Kobayashi Hall)
15:50 --- Break ---
Short talks - Wakutaka NAKANO (KEK) (until 17:50) (Meeting Room)
16:10 Jason Arakawa "Detection of Bosenovae with Quantum Sensors on Earth and in Space"   (Meeting Room)
16:35 Philip Lu "Regurgitated Dark Matter"   (Meeting Room)
17:00 Kimiko Yamashita "Positivity Bounds on Higgs-Portal Dark Matter"   (Meeting Room)
17:25 Masato Yamanaka "Revisit the relic density of Higgs-portal dark matter"   (Meeting Room)
Short talks - Yutaka SAKAMURA (until 17:50) (Kobayashi Hall)
16:10 Keisho Hidaka "Impact of quark flavor violating SUSY on h(125) decays at future lepton colliders,"   (Kobayashi Hall)
16:35 Lalu Zamakhsyari "Probing chirality structure in lepton-flavor-violating Higgs decay $h \to \tau\mu$ at the LHC"   (Kobayashi Hall)
17:00 Albertus Panuluh "Renormalization group effects in the quark sector of universal seesaw model"   (Kobayashi Hall)
17:25 Coh Miyao "Neutrino models based on the U$$(1)_{\mu-\tau}$$ gauge symmetry"   (Kobayashi Hall)
17:50 --- Break ---
Reception (until 19:00) (Kobayashi Hall)
Plenary - Masashi AIKO (until 14:10) (Kobayashi Hall)
13:30 Cari Cesarotti "The New Physics Case for a Future Muon Collider & Auxiliary Experiments"   (Kobayashi Hall)
Plenary - Masashi AIKO (until 14:50) (Kobayashi Hall)
14:10 Dario Buttazzo "Electroweak physics at a muon collider"   (Kobayashi Hall)
14:50 --- Break ---
Plenary - Mihoko NOJIRI (KEK) (until 15:50) (Kobayashi Hall)
15:10 Masaya Ishino "Prospects for Energy Frontier Physics"   (Kobayashi Hall)
15:50 --- Break ---
Short talks - Mihoko NOJIRI (KEK) (until 17:50) (Kobayashi Hall)
16:10 Canceled   (Kobayashi Hall)
16:35 Shuhei Ohzawa "Discrimination of Extended Higgs Sectors through Higher-Order Contributions to the Higgs Trilinear Coupling"   (Kobayashi Hall)
17:00 Atsuya Niki "Indirect search for the WIMP at \mu^+\mu^+ collider"   (Kobayashi Hall)
17:25 Ya-Juan Zheng "CP-violating top-Higgs coupling in SMEFT"   (Kobayashi Hall)
Short talks - Joe Sato (until 17:50) (Meeting Room)
16:10 Xinru Wang "QCD preheating"   (Meeting Room)
16:35 Yushi Mura "New theoretical constraints on the non-decoupling physics with the mass dependent beta function"   (Meeting Room)
17:00 Chikako Idegawa "Electron electric dipole moment and electroweak baryogenesis in a complex scalar extension of the Standard Model"   (Meeting Room)
17:25 Pedro Pasquini "light BSM physics search using radiative emission of neutrino pair"   (Meeting Room)
Plenary - Volodymyr Takhistov (QUP, KEK) (until 14:10) (Kobayashi Hall)
13:30 Masahiro Ibe "Gauged Peccei-Quinn Symmetry and Dynamics of Cosmic String"   (Kobayashi Hall)
Plenary - Volodymyr Takhistov (QUP, KEK) (until 14:50) (Kobayashi Hall)
14:10 Yang Bai "QCD-Collapsed Domain Walls"   (Kobayashi Hall)
14:50 --- Break ---
Short talks - Natsumi Nagata (until 16:25) (Kobayashi Hall)
15:10 Shohei Okawa "Renormalization group effects in QCD axion phenomenology,"   (Kobayashi Hall)
15:35 Risshin Okabe "Axion detection via superfluid 3He ferromagnetic phase and quantum measurement techniques,"   (Kobayashi Hall)
16:00 Shota Saito "Cosmological axions challenge string theory"   (Kobayashi Hall)
Short talks - Kyohei Mukaida (until 16:25) (Meeting Room)
15:10 Shuntaro Aoki "Inflationary Correlators with Dynamical Mass,"   (Meeting Room)
15:35 Hexu Zhang "Dynamical realization of the small field inflation black of Coleman-Weinberg type in the post supercooled universe,"   (Meeting Room)
16:00 Yuma Narita "Hybrid inflation driven by the QCD axion"   (Meeting Room)
16:25 --- Break ---
Short talks - Dario Buttazzo (until 18:00) (Kobayashi Hall)
16:45 Kento Asai "New Constraint on Dark Photon at T2K Off-Axis Near Detector"   (Kobayashi Hall)
17:10 Akifumi Chitose "Cosmic strings and monopoles from hidden symmetry"   (Kobayashi Hall)
17:35 Chuan-Ren Chen "Impacts of ALP on the constraints of dark photon"   (Kobayashi Hall)
Short talks - Shohei Okawa (until 18:00) (Meeting Room)
16:45 Masashi Aiko "Higgs Probes of axion-like particles"   (Meeting Room)
17:10 Kazunari Shima "Phenomenological aspect of Nonlinear Supersymmetric General Relativity(NLSGR)ity"   (Meeting Room)
17:35 Nodoka Yamanaka "Unphysical topological charge of nonabelian gauge theory"   (Meeting Room)
Closing (until 13:00) (Kobayashi Hall)
12:20 Closing: Mihoko Nojiri   (Kobayashi Hall)