13-17 November 2017
Kenkyu-Honkan bldg. 1F, KEK Theory Center
Japan timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 125

name downinstitution position city country/region
Dr. FENG, Xing-Hui Beijing NormalUniversity PhD student Beijing China
Mr. YATA, Masaya Center for theoretical physics of the universe, Institute for basic science (Ibs) Research Fellow Seoul Korea, Republic of
Mr. MATSUDO, Ryutaro Chiba University Doctral Student Matsudo-shi, Chiba Japan
Mr. NISHINO, Shogo Chiba University Doctoral Student Chiba city Japan
Mr. WARSCHINKE, Matthias Chiba University PhD student Chiba Germany
Dr. HOSHINO, Hironori Chuo University Research fellow Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Japan
Mr. MATSUMOTO, Masataka Chuo University PhD student Tokyo Japan
Prof. NAKAMURA, Shin Chuo University Professor Tokyo 112-8551 Japan
Mr. AHN, Changrim Ewha Womans University Professor Seoul Korea, Republic of
Dr. NISHIDA, Mitsuhiro Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Postdoc Gwangju Korea, Republic of
Prof. SIN, Sang-Jin Hanyang Univ. prof. Seoul, Korea Korea, Republic of
Prof. SATO, Matsuo Hirosaki University Associate Professor Hirosaki Japan
Dr. HOTTA, Kenji Hokkaido University Postdoc Sapporo Japan
Mr. HANAZAWA, Sota Ibaraki University PhD student Mito, Ibaraki Japan
Mr. HIRAGA, Kazuho Ibaraki University PhD student Mito Japan
Dr. HYAKUTAKE, Yoshifumi Ibaraki University Associate Professor Mito Japan
Mr. OUYANG, Hao Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS PhD student Beijing China
Dr. MATSUNAGA, Hiroaki Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences Postdoc Praha Czech Republic
Prof. YANG, Gang Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS Associate Prof. Beijing China
Prof. LI, Wei Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Associate Professor Beijing China
Mr. HAO, Peng-xiang Institute of theoretical physics,Peking University Doctoral candidate Beijing China
Mr. JIA, Qiang Interdisciplinary Center for Theoretical Study, Univerisity of Science and Technology of China graduate student Hefei China
Dr. JIN, Qingjun ITP, CAS Post Doc Beijing China
Dr. FUJIMORI, Toshiaki Keio University Postdoc Yokohama Japan
Dr. KIMURA, Taro Keio University Research Associate Yokohama Japan
Dr. OHASHI, Keisuke Keio University Postdoc Yokohama Japan
YOKOKURA, Ryo Keio University student Yokohama Japan
Dr. ITO, Yuta KEK Postdoc Tsukuba Japan
Dr. KAWANA, Kiyoharu KEK Post Doctor Tsukuba Japan
Dr. KIMURA, Yusuke KEK Postdoc Tsukuba Japan
Prof. KITAZAWA, Yoshihisa KEK Professor Tsukuba Japan
MIZOGUCHI, Shun'ya KEK AP Tsukuba Japan
Prof. NISHIMURA, Jun KEK Associate Professor Tsukuba Japan
Dr. SHIBA, Shotaro KEK Postdoctoral fellow Tsukuba Japan
Dr. SUYAMA, Takao KEK Researcher Tsukuba Japan
Dr. TERADA, Takahiro KEK JSPS fellow Tsukuba Japan
Dr. TSUTSUI, Shoichiro KEK PD Tsukuba Japan
Prof. NATSUUME, Makoto KEK Theory Center Associate Prof. Tsukuba Japan
Prof. LEE, Sungjay Korea Institute for Advanced Study Professor Seoul Korea, Republic of
Dr. SONG, Jaewon Korea Institute for Advanced Study Research fellow Seoul Korea, Republic of
Dr. TSUMURA, Koji Kyoto U. Assistant Professor Kyoto Japan
Prof. KAWAI, Hikaru Kyoto Univ. professor Kyoto Japan
Mr. KYONO, Hideki Kyoto University Ph. D. student Kyoto Japan
Mr. SAKAI, Katsuta Kyoto University doctoral student Kyoto Japan
Prof. KIM, Nakwoo Kyung Hee University Professor Seoul Korea, Republic of
JOUNG, Euihun KyungHee Univ. Assist. Prof. Seoul Korea, Republic of
Ms. KASAI, Aya Kyushu University graduated student Fukuoka Japan
Dr. OKUBO, Toshiyuki Meijo University Assistant Professor Nagoya Japan
Mr. OGINO, Takahiro Nagoya University Ph.D student Nagoya, Aichi Japan
Mr. SUEISHI, Naohisa Nagoya University Student(Master) Nagoya Japan
Dr. HONMA, Yoshinori National Center for Theoretical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellow Hsinchu Taiwan
Dr. MIAO, Rongxin National Center for Theoretical Sciences Postdoc Hsinchu Taiwan
Prof. CHEN, Chiang-Mei National Central University Professor Chungli Taiwan
Prof. MIAO, Shun-Pei National Cheng Kung fUniversity Associate Professor Tainan Taiwan
Dr. KUROKI, Tsunehide National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College Associate Professor Mitoyo Japan
Prof. HO, Pei-Ming National Taiwan University Professor Taipei Taiwan
Mr. HUANG, Yu-tin National Taiwan University Assistant Professor Taipei Taiwan
Dr. MATSUO, Yoshinori National Taiwan University Postdoctoral fellow Taipei Taiwan
Dr. GIATAGANAS, Dimitrios NCTS Postdoc Hsinchu Taiwan
Dr. KITAMOTO, Hiroyuki NCTS Postdoc Hsinchu Taiwan
Dr. KOYAMA, Yoji NCTS Postdoc Hsinchu Taiwan
Prof. CHU, chong-sun NCTS and NTHU Prof and director of NCTS Hsinchu Taiwan
Dr. UGAJIN, TOMONORI OIST Postdoc Okinawa Japan
Prof. ITOYAMA, Hiroshi Osaka City University Professor Osaka Japan
Mr. WU, Xi Osaka University Doctor student Toyonaka Japan
Mr. IKEDA, Kazuki Osaka University PhD Student Toyonaka Japan
Mr. IKEDA, Kazuki Osaka University PhD Student Toyonaka Japan
Prof. CHEN, Heng-Yu Physics Department, National Taiwan University Associate Professor Taipei City Taiwan
Dr. TADA, Tsukasa RIKEN Vice Chief Scientist Wako Japan
Dr. YOKOKURA, Yuki RIKEN postdoc Wako Japan
Mr. UETOKO, Takahiro Ritsumeikan University PhD student Osaka Japan
Prof. AOKI, Hajime Saga University Professor Saga Japan
Prof. CHEN, Bin School of Physics, Peking University Professor of Physics Beijing China
Dr. MARUYOSHI, Kazunobu Seikei University Assistant Professor Musashino, Tokyo Japan
Prof. KIM, Seok Seoul National University Associate Prof. Seoul Korea, Republic of
Mr. NAHMGOONG, June Seoul National University Graduate Seoul Korea, Republic of
Dr. AZUMA, Takehiro Setsunan UNiversity Associate Professor Osaka Japan
Mr. SUGAWA, tatsuyuki shinseikai hospital doctor toyonaka Japan
Prof. ODAKE, Satoru Shinshu University Professor Matsumoto Japan
Mr. HATAKEYAMA, Kohta Shizuoka University Ph.D student Shizuoka Japan
Mr. MATSUMOTO, Masami Shizuoka University student (master) Fujieda Japan
Dr. MORITA, Takeshi Shizuoka University lecturer Shizuoka Japan
Mr. SUGIYAMA, Kento Shizuoka University Doctor Shizuoka-shi Japan
Prof. TSUCHIYA, Asato Shizuoka University Professor Shizuoka Japan
Mr. YAMASHIRO, Kazushi Shizuoka University master's student Shizuokashi Japan
Mr. FUKUCHI, Shin SOKENDAI graduate student Tsukuba Japan
Mr. HIRASAWA, Mitsuaki SOKENDAI Student Tsukuba Japan
Mr. OHTA, Hikaru SOKENDAI PhD student Tsukuba Japan
Mr. YOKOO, Sumito SOKENDAI PhD.student Tsukuba Japan
Prof. SEKINO, Yasuhiro Takushoku University Associate Professor Tokyo Japan
Mr. AOKI, Toshihiro The Graduate University for Advanced Studies Student Tsukuba-shi Japan
Prof. LU, Hong Tianjin University Professor Tianjin China
Prof. WU, Jun-Bao Tianjin University Professor Tianjin China
Mr. KANEKO, Tomokazu Tohoku University Dr. course student Sendai Japan
Mr. KANEKO, Yukio Tohoku University Student Sendai Japan
Prof. ITO, Katsushi Tokyo Institute of Technology Professor Tokyo Japan
Ms. KOIZUMI, Saki Tokyo Institute of Technology M2 Chiba Japan
OKUBO, Takafumi Tokyo Institute of Technology Doctoral student Tokyo Japan
Mr. SHU, Hongfei Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan Tokyo China
Prof. SONG, Wei Tsinghua University associate professor Beijing China
Dr. WEN, Qiang Tsinghua University post doctor Beijing China
Prof. KIM, Sung-Soo University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Professor Chengdu China
Prof. LU, Jianxin University of Science and Technology of China Professor Hefei China
Mr. WANG, Xin University of Science and Technology of China PHD student Hefei China
Prof. BAK, Dongsu University of Seoul Professor Seoul Korea, Republic of
Prof. ICHINOSE, Shoichi University of Shizuoka associate professor Shizuoka Japan
Prof. ODA, Ichiro University of the Ryukyus Professor Nishihara, Okinawa 903-0213 Japan
Mr. FUKUDA, Masayuki University of Tokyo Student Tokyo Japan
Mr. HARADA, Koichi University of Tokyo student Tokyo Japan
Prof. YONEYA, Tamiaki University of Tokyo Professor Emeritus Hachiouji-shi, Tokyo Japan
Mr. ZHU, Ruidong University of Tokyo PhD student Tokyo Japan
MATSUMOTO, Takaki University of Tsukuba Ph.D. student Tsukuba Japan
Dr. OTSUKA, Hajime Waseda University Assistant Proffessor Tokyo Japan
Dr. KUNDU, Nilay YITP PostDoc Kyoto Japan
Prof. TAKAYANAGI, Tadashi YITP, Kyoto Professor Kyoto Japan
FERNANDEZ-MELGAREJO, Jose J. YITP, Kyoto University Postdoc Kyoto Japan
Prof. SUGIMOTO, Shigeki YITP, Kyoto University Professor Kyoto Japan
Dr. BHATTACHARYYA, Arpan Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Post Doctoral Fellow Kyoto Japan
Mr. PARK, Minkyu Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics PhD student Kyoto Japan
Dr. YOKOYAMA, Shuichi Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Postdoc Kyoto Japan
KUSUKI, Yuya Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University graduate student , Sakyo-ku, Kyoto Japan
Mr. UMEMOTO, Koji Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University grad. student Kyoto Japan
Mr. WATANABE, Kento Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University PhD student Kyoto Japan
Prof. FENG, Bo Zhejiang University Professor Hangzhou China