17-20 December 2018
Kenkyu-Honkan bldg. 1F
Japan timezone
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Kenkyu-Honkan bldg. 1F - Kobayashi Hall

Systematic Search for All Three Heterotic Standard Model Vacua in General Calabi-Yau Compactifications


  • Mr. Kenta TAKEMOTO


We study a direct flux breaking scenario in all three heterotic string theroies on general Calabi-Yau (CY) threefolds. We show background independent formulae to construct three-generation models without chiral exotics from $SO(32)$, $SO(16)\times SO(16)$ and $E8\times E8$ heterotic string theories. In this talk, we show the algorithms to search the formulae and a concrete three-generation model on a specific CY threefold.