17-20 December 2018
Kenkyu-Honkan bldg. 1F
Japan timezone
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Kenkyu-Honkan bldg. 1F - Kobayashi Hall

Creation of D9-brane--anti-D9-brane Pairs in Time Dependent Background


  • Dr. Kenji HOTTA


Recently, we have investitated Unruh effect for closed strings and for open strings on D9-brane--anti-D9-brane pairs, and discuss the creation of D9-brane--anti-D9-brane pairs for highly accelerated observers. In this talk, we consider a simple time dependent background, in which the spacetime becomes Minkowski spacetime in the far past and future, and investigate the Hawking-Unruh effect of open strings on D9-brane--anti-D9-brane pairs. Then we discuss the creation of D9-brane--anti-D9-brane pairs in the far future.