17-20 December 2018
Kenkyu-Honkan bldg. 1F
Japan timezone
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Kenkyu-Honkan bldg. 1F - Kobayashi Hall

A gauge-invariant regularization of chiral gauge theory


  • Mr. Katsuta SAKAI


We propose a novel gauge-invariant regularization for the perturbative chiral gauge theory. We describe a chiral fermion as the massless mode of the domain-wall fermion. There we can regularize both the parity-odd and even part of the fermion loops by introducing the Pauli-Villars regulators. On the other hand, loops involving the gauge field are regularized by applying the dimensional regularization only to the gauge field. We show that the formulation requires gauge-invariant counter terms only when the theory is gauge-anomaly free, and that the fermion number anomaly is correctly reproduced.