17-20 December 2018
Kenkyu-Honkan bldg. 1F
Japan timezone
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Kenkyu-Honkan bldg. 1F - Kobayashi Hall

Appearance of chiral exact zero modes from classical solutions of type IIB matrix model


  • Mr. Atis YOSPRAKOB


We discuss some classical solutions of type IIB matrix model that generate chiral fermions, which is essential for realizing the Standard Model. In particular, we consider solutions constructed from representations of special unitary groups' generators. Fermion wave functions can then be generated as eigenvectors of the associated matrix Dirac operator. It is found that many solutions give large number of exact zero modes. However, only zero modes that are localized can be interpreted as fermions at brane intersections. We can optimize the localization by mixing these zero modes together. Finally, we report some solutions and number of the associated localized chiral zero modes.