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グローバルな環境で研究活動に携わる若手研究者にとって、大学共同利用機関等の研究機関が開催する国際スクールには、大型研究施設の利用や多様な参加者との交流等、所属大学での教育課程とは相補的な役割が期待される。KEKでは2018年度から「大学加速器連携ネットワークによる人材育成プログラム(IINAS)」により加速器科学分野の国際スクールを支援している。 本フォーラムは、魅力的かつ効果的な国際スクールの企画・実施に資するよう、国際スクールに携わる方々を対象に、好事例を学び、アイデアを交換する場を提供する。 本フォーラムではCERNのMulders博士を講師として招き、CERNの方針と経験を紹介する。CERNは1954年に設立され、素粒子物理学における世界最大の国際共同研究拠点として欧州の22カ国が共同で運営している。様々な国際スクールを主催して、次世代研究者の育成と科学の普及に努めている。 このほか、2019年度にIINASプログラムにて支援した国際スクールの代表者からの実績紹介とMulders博士とのディスカッションを設ける予定。

For a young researcher, who will build his/her career in a global environment, a training program provided by a research laboratory is complementary to an ordinary college curriculum allowing participants to use large facilities and to develop a global human network. In 2018, KEK launched a program "Inter-Institutional Network for Accelerator Science (IINAS)" to support organizing international schools. This forum offers an opportunity for school organizers to learn good practices and exchange ideas in order to plan and manage a future school that encourages broad participation with substantial educational effect. Dr. M. Mulder, a coordinator of international schools at CERN, is invited to give a lecture on CERN's policy and experience of organizing international schools. CERN, the world-largest laboratory for particle physics, established in 1954 and has been operated in Geneva by a league of 22 European countries, organizes a variety of schools as well to develop young talent from all over the world and disseminate accelerator science to developing countries. We also will introduce achievements from representatives of international schools supported by the IINAS program in FY 2019 and have discuss time with Dr. Mulders for international schools.


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Starts 1 Mar 2019 13:30
Ends 1 Mar 2019 17:00
KEK Tsukuba Campus
〒305-0801 茨城県つくば市大穂1-1

Main speaker

Dr. Martijn Mulders (CERN)

Deputy Director of the CERN Schools of Physics, at CERN. He is involved in the organization of international physics schools for CERN in Europe, in Latin-America and also in the Asia-Europe Pacific region.

As member of the international organizing committee of AEPSHEP ,He has co-organized and attended all schools in the series so far, starting with the first school in 2012 near Fukuoka, Japan, followed by schools in India (2014), China (2016) and Vietnam (2018).

As a CERN Research Physicist He is also a member of the CMS collaboration, performing physics analysis at the LHC. Currently his main focus is on coordinating studies of properties of the top quark.