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Reservation is required to be made by each participant.

Some of the closest accommodations are:

★ KEK ドミトリー KEK dormitory

KEKドミトリーに宿泊の場合、各自で共同利用者支援システムでの予約することが必要となります。 To stay in the KEK dormitory, you need to reserve a room through the user support system (KRS).

予約開始は本研究会の45日前より受け付けています。 Reservation starts on the day that is 45 days before the workshop. 

繁忙期ですので、早めのご予約をお願いします。 Since it is a busy season, please make an early reservation.

 アーバンホテル Urban Hotel (1.5km from KEK):

    300-3257 茨城県つくば市筑穂2-1-2
    2-1-2 Tsukuho, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki 300-3257, Japan
    TEL: +81-29-877-0001 FAX: +81-29-877-0700

            Please check "KEK Meeting Online Reservation (ME-QMKEK)" on the above hotel website.

   You will be asked for a password to book the room.
            Use the following password : MEQMKEK7


Click here for looking for other accommodations.
*Some hotels offer a discount on hotel charges when you stay for participating in a workshop at KEK. Please inform the hotel that you will participate in a workshop at KEK at the time of booking.