September 27, 2019
Asia/Tokyo timezone
Koichiro Nishikawa (1949-2018) pioneered the long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments as the founder of the K2K experiment and the first spokesperson of the T2K experiment. He has been recognized for his outstanding contribution to subatomic physics as Director of KEK Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies, Deputy Director of J-PARC Center and a professor of Kyoto University. A symposium to celebrate his career and accomplishments is held in the afternoon of September 27 (Fri), 2019, at KEK Tsukuba Campus, Kenkyu-Honkan Kobayashi Hall.
Tsukuba Campus, KEK,1-1 Oho Tsukuba Ibaraki, Japan
On the same day, a tour of KEK facilities in the morning and a get-together at around Tsukuba Center in the evening are being planned. Registration is open until of 30th August, 2019. More information will be announced later. Contact details: Takashi Kobayashi (J-PARC/IPNS, KEK, k.nishikawa_sym_sec(_at_) Organizing group: Yoshiaki Fujii (KEK), Masaya Hasegawa (KEK), Yoshinari Hayato (ICRR-Tokyo), Atsuko Ichikawa (Kyoto), Takahiro Inagaki (RIKEN), Taku Ishida (KEK), Takashi Kobayashi (KEK), Takeshi Komatsubara (KEK), Takasumi Maruyama (KEK), Takeshi Nakadaira (KEK), Masayuki Nakahata (ICRR-Tokyo), Tsuyoshi Nakaya (Kyoto), Yuichi Oyama (KEK), Naohito Saito (J-PARC), Katsuo Tokushuku (KEK, Chair), Masashi Yokoyama (Tokyo)