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Registration opening day: 16 December 2019
Registration deadline: 23 January 2020

2/10に実施する"Quantum Foundations: Measurement & Entanglement"(ME)と2/11-12に実施する「量子論の諸問題と今後の発展」(QMKEK)の両研究会の参加登録フォームです。


This is an application form for both the "Quantum Foundations: Measurement & Entanglement" (ME) held on 10 February and the "Recent Issues and Prospects on Quantum Theory" (QMKEK) held on 11-12 February.

Registration is completed by registering in this form, but according to the regulations, KEK visitors are asked to register as a user in the User Support System (KRS). KRS is a system for performing various procedures at KEK (payment of travel expenses, dormitory accommodation, use of wifi (excluding eduroam), etc.), and these procedures cannot be performed without user registration with KRS. User registration and necessary procedures will be announced individually by e-mail after registering in this form.
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