1 July 2020 to 31 March 2021
Asia/Tokyo timezone

"KEK-PH lectures and workshops" is a form of KEK-PH workshop series at the time of Covid-19. We host lectures and workshops roughly once a month.

The information of the lectures are listed on the webpage of the "KEK Theory Seminar ONLINE," at https://conference-indico.kek.jp/event/117/timetable/?view=standard and also  https://kds.kek.jp/indico/category/2072/ 
(Login to KDS requires username and password, which is changed daily. If your browser does not show them in the pop-up window, you can find the information at https://kds.kek.jp/info/Authentication.html)

August: We host KEK-PH collider, Lectures and Workshops on (Aug 4 and Aug 5) 

Registration link is closeed now.  If you want to participate, or have not receive the zoom link, please write directly to nojiri@post.kek.jp.

Aug 4 https://conference-indico.kek.jp/event/117/timetable/#20200804

Aug 5  https://conference-indico.kek.jp/event/117/timetable/#20200805

Lectures 10:00-12:30 (30min break in between)

                Aug 4.  Prof. Micheal Peskin (SLAC)   on e+e-collider 

                Aug 5h  Dr. Zhen Liu (Maryland)  on hadron collider

Afternoon: workshops

Aug 4.
1:30 Heavy quark pair productions at ILC, Ryo Yonamine (ILC, Tohoku) 

2:00  Dark matter detection at future lepton colliders, Shigeki Matsumoto  (Kavili IPMU, Tokyo )
2:20 Early kinetic decoupling of dark matter and the Higgs invisible decay in collider experiments, Tomohiro Abe (KMI, Nagoya) 
2:40  SUSY models for the muon g-2 anomaly, and their implications
 Norimi Yokozaki(KEK)  

3:00-3:20 chat and discussion and tea (on-site people will have some sweets) 

3:20 Anomaly Mediation at Future Hadron Colliders, So Chigusa  (KEK)
3:40 Higgs self-coupling as a probe of sphaleron properties,  Shinya Kanemura (Osaka)
4:00 Probing μτ flavor-violating solutions for the muon g−2 anomaly at colliders, Michihisa Takeuchi  (KMI, Nagoya)

Aug 5

1:30 Tagging boosted weak gauge bosons with deep learning,   Cheng-Wei Chiang  (NTU) 
1:50 Minkowski Functionals for Jet Tagging Sung Hak (KEK)  
2:10 Learning Physics at Future e-e+ Colliders with Machine, Tao Liu (HKUST)  
2:30 Flavor Physics at Future Z-Factories: $b\to s\tau\tau$ Measurements and Beyond,   Lingfeng Li  (HKUST)
2:50-3:10 chat and discussion and tea (on-site people will have some sweets) 

3:10 Search for lepton-flavor violating processes at LHC,  Soji Tsuno (ATLAS, KEK )   

3:40  Cornering Higgsino at the LHC,   Satoshi Shirai  (Kavli IPMU, Tokyo) 
4:00 Probing long-lived particles at Higgs factories, Zeren Simon Wang  (APCTP)
4:20 Searches for new light particles at ILC main beam dump, Yasuhito Sakaki  (KEK )

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July: We had four lectures by Hiromasa Takaura (KEK) and Masazumi Honda (YITP) with the theme "renormalon and resurgence," in July. The audiences at the level of graduate students/postdocs/staff are welcome to attend. (336 attendant for 4 lectures )


KEK では毎年 KEK-PH という素粒子現象論の workshop を開催してきましたが、
現在は新型コロナウイルス感染対策として、今年はオンライン でのレビュー講演と

8月4日 5日はコライダーを中心に講義と ワークショップを開催します。


8月4日午前 Professor Michel Peskin SLAC  Physics at e+e-collider
8月5日午前 Dr. Zhen Liu (Mary Land)  Physics at Hadron Collider 

Peskin 教授は場の理論の教科書で皆さんご存知の方ですが、USでのILC の推進に活躍されており、
Zhen Liu さんはアメリカで今後の活躍が期待されているMaryLand の若手研究者でHL-LHC

参加予定の方にZoom Link を配布しますので、
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                     理論センタースタッフ (野尻、北野、遠藤, 坂村)

今後について 10月はダークマターについて Lecture & workshop を開催する予定です。
お礼 7月の高浦さん(KEK Renomalon)、本多さん(京大 Resurgence) の講演には延べ336人の方に参加いただきました。どうもありがとうございました。
meeting is based on-line.
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