1 July 2020 to 31 March 2021
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Gravitational waves from first-order phase transitions: Towards a better prediction

4 Nov 2020, 17:00


Dr Ryusuke Jinno (DESY)


In the upcoming decades, gravitational waves (GWs) will be an important tool in probing the early Universe and in testing high energy physics. In this lecture I will review GW production in cosmological first-order phase transitions, putting more emphasis on analytic understanding of the process. The structure of the lecture will be:
- Basics of GW production in the early Universe
- GW production in first-order phase transitions: conditions for producing large amount GWs & particle models satisfying these conditions
- Three GW sources in first-order phase transitions: bubble collisions, sound waves, turbulence
- Towards better prediction of the signal: analytic vs. numerical
- Recent hot topic(s)

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