3 September 2021
online meeting by Zoom
Asia/Tokyo timezone

(English version follows.)
Bファクトリー物理勉強会 第24回ミーティング

日時 2021年9月3日(金)13:30-

場所 Zoomによるオンライン開催

SuperKEKB/Belle IIでは、2030年代初頭までにKEKB/Belleの50倍の積分ルミノシティーを蓄積し、B中間子・D中間子・タウ粒子の精密測定・禁止過程探索により、標準模型を超える物理を探ることを主目的としています。また、高輝度電子陽電子衝突実験の特徴を生かした、ダークセクターやアクシオンのような粒子(ALP)などの新粒子の直接探索も目標としています。

2021年春のランで SuperKEKB 加速器は自らの世界最高ルミノシティを更新して 3.1x10^34/cm2/s を達成し、Belle II 実験は 213/fb のデータを取得しました。そのデータの一部を用いた解析がEPS-HEPで発表され、またフルデータを使った解析が進行中です。


尾田 欣也 氏(東京女子大学)   "Inflation basics for experimentalists"
佐藤 瑶 氏(KEK)            "Search for B -> K nu nubar with an inclusive tagging method at Belle II"
中沢 遊 氏(KEK)            "Belle II Physics Summary of EPS-HEP 2021"
Tanmoy Modak (Heidelberg) "Constraining Higgs inflation and electroweak baryogenesis via flavor physics"


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理論: 遠藤基、大野木哲也、岡田安弘、金児隆志、清裕一郎、後藤亨、
実験: 石川明正、後田裕、西田昌平、早坂圭司、樋口岳雄


       24th meeting on physics at B factories

Date:  September 3 (Fri) 2021, 13:30-

Place: Online meeting by Zoom

The main purpose of SuperKEKB/Belle II is to search for new physics beyond the Standard Model through B, D and tau decays by accumulating 50 times more data than KEKB/Belle by the early 2030's. It also aims to directly search for dark-sector and axion-like particles by taking advantage of high luminosity e+e- collider experiments.

In this Spring 2021 run, SuperKEKB had broken its own world's highest luminosity and had achieved 3.1×10^34/cm^2/s, and Belle II had recorded data sample of 213/fb. Analyses using a part of the data had been presented at EPS-HEP, and analyses using the full data is in progress.

This series of meetings aims to provide opportunities, where theorists and experimentalists get together and closely discuss physics at B factories. In this 24th meeting, we will have the following invited talks:

Tanmoy Modak (Heidelberg) "Constraining Higgs inflation and electroweak baryogenesis via flavor physics"
Yu Nakazawa(KEK)         "Belle II Physics Summary of EPS-HEP 2021"
Kinya Oda (Tokyo Woman’s Christian University) "Inflation basics for experimentalists"
Yo Sato(KEK)             "Search for B -> K nu nubar with an inclusive tagging method at Belle II"

The working language is English, and non-Japanese participants are very welcome! The meeting will be oneline by Zoom.
Please register from "Registration" in the left menu by August 27 (Fri). After the deadline, the Zoom connection information will be sent to the participants by email.

Th:  M. Endo, T. Goto, J. Hisano, T. Kaneko, Y. Kiyo, S. Mishima, T. Morozumi, M. Nojiri, Y. Okada, T. Onogi, M. Tanaka, M. Tanimoto
Exp: K. Hayasaka, T. Higuchi, A. Ishikawa, S. Nishida, Y. Ushiroda

online meeting by Zoom
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