The annual Theory Meeting on Particle Physics Phenomenology (KEK-­PH2022) together with the International Joint Workshop on the Standard Model and beyond will be held at KEK between Nov 29th -Dec 2nd. This meeting covers many topics in Particle Physics and Cosmology, from the Standard Model and models beyond the Standard Model to particle cosmology and astrophysics. We plan to discuss recent developments in modeling Physics Beyond the Standard Model with their phenomenological aspects and also learn about the latest results and status of various ongoing and planned experiments. 

The meeting includes talks by invited speakers and short talks by participants. All the talks will be given in English. We aim to provide an opportunity, not only for experts but also for master/Ph.D course students, to learn recent developments in particle physics phenomenology and to activate intensive discussions. The participants will also have the opportunity to present their work through poster presentations.


Invited Speakers: 

  • Wei Chao (Beijing Normal University)*, "New approaches for the direct detections of light dark matter and cosmic neutrino background"
  • Che-Yu Chen (Academia Sinica), "On the connection between black hole ringdown and images"
  • Kingman Cheung (National Tsing Hua University), "Sensitivity on Two-Higgs Doublet Models from Higgs-Pair Production via 4b Final State"
  • Anthony Francis (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University), "Perspectives on understanding the substructure of multiquark hadrons in lattice QCD"
  • Hajime Fukuda (University of Tokyo), "QCD Axion Search with ILC Beam Facility"
  • Shao-Feng Ge (Shanghai Jiaotong University)*, "Overcome the thresholds of Dark Matter Searches"
  • Peter Graham (Stanford University)*, "Dark Matter Detection with Trapped Electrons and Ions"
  • Keisuke Harigaya (The University of Chicago)*, "Rotating scalar fields in the early universe"
  • Jongkuk Kim (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)*, "Dark matter physics with dark Higgs boson"
  • Seung J. Lee (Korea University)*, "Continuum Dark Matter"
  • Yosuke Mizuno (Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, Shanghai Jiao-Tong U)*, "Testing Astrophysical Model from the shadow of the Supermassive Black Holes"
  • Shigetaka Moriyama (ICRR, Tokyo University), "XENONnT and XMASS, direct dark matter detection experiments"
  • Benjamin Nachman (LBL)*, "What can Deep Learning teach us about Particle Physics?"
  • Jayden Newstead (University of Melbourne)*, "Inelastic nuclear scattering from neutrinos and dark matter"
  • Toshifumi Noumi (Kobe University), "Gravitational Positivity and (Beyond) the Standard Model"
  • Hideyuki Oide (KEK), "Landscape of the energy frontier experiments: near and far"
  • Jong-Chul Park (Chungnam National University)*, "New search strategies for Axion-like Particles"
  • Tuan Quoc Do (Phenikaa Institute for Advanced Study), "CMB imprints of non-canonical anisotropic inflation"
  • Ryosuke Sato (Osaka University), "Axion Fragmentation"
  • Yo Sato (KEK), "Recent Results on B-Physics from Belle II"
  • Michael Schmidt (Chungnam National University), "Freeze-in and freeze-out of sterile neutrino dark matter"
  • Eibun Senaha (Science and Technology Advanced Institute), "Renormalization group improvement for thermally resummed effective potential"
  • Sally Shaw (Edinburgh)*, "First Results from the LZ Dark Matter Experiment"
  • Pablo Soler (University of Oviedo), "Axio-dilaton wormholes and their puzzling low energy effects"
  • Anthony Thomas (University of Adelaide)*, "Tests and Consequences of the Existence of a Dark Photon"
  • Van Que Tran (Tsung-Dao Lee Institute)*, "Sub-GeV Non-Abelian Vector Dark Matter in the Gauged Two Higgs Doublet model"
  • Po-Yen Tseng (National Tsing Hua University), "Primordial black hole portal to the dark sector"
  • Koji Tsumura (Kyushu University), "The origin of pseudo-Nabmu-Goldstone-Boson Dark Matter"
  • Tevong You (King’s College London)*, "Primordial black hole portal to the dark sector"

*... participates online


Registration is now open! 

Deadline of registration to give a talk: 31st Oct. (JST)

Deadline of registration for audience: 15th Nov. (JST)

Please see the information at the registration page.

(14/11/2022 added) Because the number of physical participants reaches the limitation set by KEK rules, the registration for the physical participation has been closed. The registration for the online participation is still open and its deadline is 15/11/2022. Thank you very much for your understanding.


International Organization Committee

  • Kingman Cheung (NTHU/NCTS/ATLAS)
  • Eung Jin Chun (KIAS)
  • Pham Quang Hung (U of Virginia)
  • Ryuichiro Kitano (KEK)
  • Pyungwon Ko (KIAS)
  • Archil Kobakhidze (U of Sydney)
  • Hoang Ngoc Long (VAST)
  • Mihoko M. Nojiri (KEK)
  • Michael Schmidt (UNSW)
  • Tzu-Chiang Yuan (ASIoP)
  • Yu-Feng Zhou (CAS)


Local Organizers: 

Masashi Aiko, Motoi Endo, Amon Furuichi, Toru Goto, Yu Hamada, Yuta Hamada, Minxi He, Ryuichiro Kitano, Kazunori Kohri, Ryutaro Matsudo, Satoshi Mishima, Kyohei Mukaida, Kazunori Nakayama, Mihoko M. Nojiri, Takemichi Okui, Yutaka Sakamura, Motoo Suzuki, Hiromasa Takaura, Kohsaku Tobioka


The KEK-­PH 2022 workshop is supported by Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP), MEXT Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (18H05542), and JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (19H00689).