12-15 December 2022
Epochal Tsukuba International Congress Center, Tsukuba
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Poster presentation

List of Posters:

These posters will be displayed in the gallery during the conference. For online participants, links to the PDF files are provided.

No Poster Location Name Affiliation Poster Title Link
1 13 So Chigusa LBNL/UC Berkeley Roles of lattice defects in dark matter direct detection experiments Link
2 9 Shotaro Funai Araya Inc. / QUP Comparison of neural activity for appreciation of Japanese tanka in human brain and artificial intelligence Link
3 6 Tommaso Ghigna QUP Design optimization of LiteBIRD LFT detector Link
4 4 Tasuku Hayashi QUP/KEK Development of a 200-pixel TES X-ray microcalorimeter for STEM-EDS system towards microanalysis of astromaterials Link
5 3 Kosuke Itabashi QUP The study of the radiation damage to CIGS Link
6 16 Kazunori Kohri KEK Testing primordial black-hole dark matter by MeV gamma-ray, CMB and gravitational wave observations Link
7 14 Asuka Ito QUP/KEK Magnon gravitational wave detector Link
8 15 Dan Kondo IPMU Axion detection with superfluid 3He A1 phase Link
9 11 Hang Liang University of Science and Technology of China New Constraints on Exotic Spin-Dependent Interactions with an Ensemble-NV-Diamond Magnetometer Link
10 7 Kohtaroh Miura KEK IPNS Theory Center Lattice QCD Precision Science for Muon g-2 and Electroweak Physics Link
11 10 Aya Tsuboi Kavli IPMU Fundamentalz Program Link
12 12 Longhao Wu University of Science and Technology of China A spin-mechanical quantum chip for exploration of sub-µm exotic interactions Link
13 8 Hirotaka Yoshino Osaka Metropolitan University Gravity-induced decoherence in the Diosi-Penrose model Link
14 5 Yu Zhou KEK-QUP Superconducting Physics in Two-dimensional Thin Film Transition-edge Sensor Link