Workshop on Highly Baryonic Matter at RHIC-BES and Future Facilities --- beyond the Critical Point towards Neutron Stars --- (WHBM 2023)

1D-201/204 (Central Area 1, Tsukuba Campus, University of Tsukuba)


Central Area 1, Tsukuba Campus, University of Tsukuba

1-1-1 Tenno-dai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8571 Japan
ShinIchi Esumi (University of Tsukuba)


The 1st Workshop on Highly Baryonic Matter at RHIC-BES and Future Facilities - - - beyond the Critical Point towards Neutron Stars - - - (WHBM 2023) will take place in Univ. of Tsukuba at Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8571, Japan on 29th (Sat) and 30th (Sun) April 2023.

Scientific Program

WHBM 2023 aims to promote discussions and understandings on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Critical Point, QCD Phase Diagram and Transitions
  • Correlations and Fluctuations
  • Flow, Collectivity, Chirality, and Vorticity
  • Hadron interactions and Hypernuclei
  • Equation of State and Neutron Stars
  • Experimental and Theoretical Developments and Challenges
  • Future Facilities and new Experiments

This Workshop comprises invited and contributed plenary talks.

Important Dates

  • Registration period: 2023/Jan/15 - Apr/14
  • Abstract submission period: 2023/Jan/15 - Mar/31

The registration form (link) will be open from 2023/Jan/15 -  Apr/14 with a registration fee of 1000 JPY as an actual cost to serve coffee/tea/water and snacks during break time. We accept only cash upon check-in starting from 8 A.M. on Apr. 29th at the workshop venue. The abstract submission can be done in the registration page, the abstract submission will be considered from 2023/Jan/15  - Mar/31.

Workshop Venue and Accommodation

The workshop venue is Room 201 and 204, Building 1-D in Central Area 1, Tsukuba Campus, University of Tsukuba. Please see the "Workshop Venue" page in the left menu for detailed access information and attached photos of the lecture room at the bottom of this page.

A list of hotels convenient to visit University of Tsukuba is provided in the "Accommodation" page in the left menu. It is recommended to book a hotel room as soon as possible because of high hotel demand around the workshop date.

Lunch and Dinner Places

There will be no organized official workshop lunches or dinners (no welcome party, no banquet, sorry...) in accordance with University's COVID-19 safety measures. Instead, we prepared lists of restaurants around Tsukuba Station, and Kenkyugakuen Station, and Lunch map around the campus, the workshop venue. See the "Lunch and Dinner Choices in Tsukuba" page. We will follow the guidance by the following organizations:

Contact (documents for your visa requests etc)

If you need visa to visit Japan for in-person participation, please send us your request for an invitation letter etc during the registration (as you can add your comments in the registration page) or via E-mail. For any assistance, request and inquiry, please feel free to write E-mail to the local organizers at :
whbm2023-loc _AT_ (replace "_AT_" with "@").

Campus Map and Meeting Room
Lunch Map around the campus
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Registration form for WHBM2023
  • Abdel Nasser Tawfik Tawfik
  • Akitoshi Okutsu
  • Alejandro Ayala
  • Bikai Gao
  • Chunjian Zhang
  • Fan Si
  • Fuqiang Wang
  • Hiroyuki Sako
  • In-Kwon Yoo
  • Kosuke Okubo
  • Lipei Du
  • Magdalena Kuich
  • Mate Csanad
  • Moe Isshiki
  • Nu Xu
  • Philipp Gubler
  • Qiye Shou
  • Sandeep Chatterjee
  • Shinichi ESUMI
  • Shoji Nagamiya
  • Shunji Nishimura
  • Souvik Priyam Adhya
  • Su Houng Lee
  • Sungtae Cho
  • Tadaaki Isobe
  • Takafumi Niida
  • Takahito Todoroki
  • Tapan Nayak
  • Tatsuya Chujo
  • Teiji Kunihiro
  • Toshihiro NONAKA
  • Xiang-Yu Wu
  • Xiaoyu Liu
  • Xiujun Li
  • Yasushi Nara
  • Zebo Tang