Dec 18 – 22, 2023
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Application for online participants (lectures only)

Opened Jul 19, 2023
Closed Dec 1, 2023

Handling personal information based on GDPR (for EEA residents)

Residents in any one of EEA member countries, namely a member country of the EU, and Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway are requested to read the following notes.
1. Personal information acquired by this form shall be used only to the extent necessary for achieving the objectives of each of the following items in addition to the work related to participation procedures for this school.
(1) To provide information for the purpose of improving convenience to participants of this school.
(2) For preparing statistical data.
2. Personal information acquired by this form will not be provided to third parties unless it is based on laws and regulations.
Personal data will be transferred to a server of KEK. The school office will manage personal data of the respondents in an appropriate manner.
A respondent has the right to require the school office the access to his/her own personal data, correction of his/her incorrect data, and restriction to data processing during the verification of the correctness of personal data. For inquiries, please contact the school office ( responsible for this registration. If you are unsatisfied with the handling of personal data by the office, you are entitled to file a complaint with the supervisory organization of a member country of EEA.
The respondent has the right to withdraw this agreement at any time, and such withdrawal has no impact on the legality of data processing procedures and/or data transfer, both conducted before the withdrawal.

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