Aug 3 – 12, 2023
Asia/Tokyo timezone
ISBA23 is succesfully completed. See you next times in ISBA24!

International School on Beam dynamics and Accelerator technology (ISBA23)

Date : 3 – 12 Aug. 2023

Venue: Pohang, Korea. (in person)     

This is the 6th international school on Beam Dynamics and Accelerator Technology (ISBA23). The school is organized as an edition of the KEK-IINAS-NX series, and hosted by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI). This is the first school of ISBA in Korea. 

 Particle accelerator has been a powerful thrust in scientific studies. The accelerator was used solely for nuclear and particle physics for the first several decades, but the usage was spread out to wider fields soon. That includes not only other physics fields such as material physics but also chemistry, biology, humanity, industrial and medical applications, etc. Due to the wide variety of accelerator usage, there is a strong demand for accelerator physicists and engineers from academic and industrial sectors. On the other hand, the opportunity to study the foundations of accelerators which include beam dynamics, accelerator design, and key technologies, is very limited. ISBA has been organized to provide such opportunities to graduate students and young researchers in the Asian region. The school can be a gateway to enter further advanced studies on the accelerator for graduate students and young researchers in the Asian region.  Pohang and Gyeongju are neighboring cities in Korea, and they have two major accelerator laboratories, Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL) and Korea Multi-purpose Accelerator Complex (KOMAC), a branch of KAERI.


The school curriculum is composed of  
1.  Foundations of Accelerator Science: Introduction to accelerator science, the foundation of accelerator concepts, the foundation of accelerator technology, examples of the latest accelerators, etc.    

2.  Advanced topics of Accelerator science. The topics of ISBA23 are

  1) The fourth-generation light source 

  2) AI for accelerator science     

3.  Hands-on training: Students will receive hands-on training in the simulation-based design of particle accelerators. It starts with a tutorial and the students finally complete the design based on the beam dynamics. The results will be presented on the last day of the school and awards will be given for excellence.         

4. Student session: Students present and discuss their own research and topics of interest in the session. Students are encouraged to provide its title and abstract at the time of registration.


5. Excursion:In the middle of the school period, we will have an excursion for a whole day to Gyeongju and Pohang.  

6. Accelerator facility tour: We have one-day accelerator facility tour for PAL (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory) and KOMAC (Korea Multi-purpose Accelerator). 

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ISBA23 Organizing Committee

  • Yujong Kim (KAERI and UST, Korea, School Co-Chair)
  • Masao Kuriki (Hiroshima U., Japan, School Co-Chair)
  • Yong Woon Park (PAL, Korea)   
  • SAKHORN RIMJAEM(Chiang Mai U., Thailand)
  • Jie Gao (IHEP, China)
  • Wai-Keung Lau (NSSRC, Taiwan)
  • Abhay Deshpande (SAMEER, India)
  • Alexander Aryshev (KEK, Japan)
  • Masashi Otani (KEK, Japan)
  • Kazuyuki Sakaue (U. of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Takamitsu Otsuka (Utsunomiya U., Japan)