(Japanese version follows.)

Joint Workshop: 29th Meeting on Physics at B factories & 26th New Physics Forum

Date:  June 19 (Wed) 2024, 10:00-

Place: High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), 3rd Building, 1F Seminar Hall + Zoom

The main purpose of SuperKEKB/Belle II is to search for new physics beyond the Standard Model 
through B, D and tau decays by accumulating 50 times more data than KEKB/Belle by the early 2030's.
It also aims to directly search for dark-sector and axion-like particles by taking advantage of 
high luminosity e+e- collider experiments.

Towards operations at higher luminosity, in Long Shutdown 1, new non-linear collimator 
has been installed in SuperKEKB, and upgrades of the Belle II detector include installation of
a new beam pipe and two layers of the pixel detectors, as well as replacement of 
the photo multiplier tubes of the top-of-propagation counter. 
SuperKEKB/Belle II resumed operation in February 2024 and continues data-taking.

This joint workshop of Meeting on Physics at B Factories and New Physics Forum provides 
an opportunity, where theorists and experimentalists get together and closely discuss 
physics at SuperKEKB/Belle II. We will have the following invited talks:

Tristan Fillinger (KEK)            "Status and prospects for B->tau nu, mu nu at Belle II"
Kåre Fridell (KEK)                   "New physics interpretations of B->Kvv"
Ryuichiro Kitano (KEK)          "B->tau nu/mu nu (theory)"
Kohtaroh Miura (KEK)            "Status of Lattice QCD for Muon g-2" 
Yuki Sue (Nagoya)                  "Measurement of the e+e-→pi+pi-pi0 cross section at Belle II"
Shun Watanuki (Cincinnati)  "Selected Belle II Results at Winter Conferences"

The working language is English, and non-Japanese participants are very welcome! 
The meeting will be held in a hybrid format at a venue at KEK and by Zoom. Limited travel support 
is available from co-hosting International Leading Research (KAKENHI Grant). 
Please register from ”Registration" in the left menu by June 16 (Sun) [ by June 5 (Wed) to apply for the travel support ]. After the deadline, Zoom link will be sent to the registered participants by email.

New Physics Forum:
Gi-Chol Cho, Motoi Endo, Koichi Hamaguchi, Nagisa Hiroshima, Masahiro Ibe, Teppei Kitahara, 
Ryuichiro Kitano, Tom Melia, Natsumi Nagata, Kin-ya Oda, Joe Sato, Kimiko Yamashita, Wen Yin

Meeting on Phyics at B Factories:
Motoi Endo, Toru Goto, Kiyoshi Hayasaka, Takeo Higuchi, Junji Hisano, Akimasa Ishikawa, 
Takashi Kaneko, Teppei Kitahara, Yuichiro Kiyo, Satoshi Mishima, Takuya Morozumi, 
Shohei Nishida, Mihoko Nojiri, Yasuhiro Okada, Tetsuya Onogi, Minoru Tanaka, 
Morimitsu Tanimoto, Yutaka Ushiroda, Kei Yamamoto 

co-hosted by
- KEK Theory Center,
- International Leading Research "Exploration of the particle physics frontier 
 at the Super B-factory and cultivation of young researchers"

第29回Bファクトリー物理勉強会 & 第26回 New Physics Forum : 合同研究会

日時 2024年6月19日(水)10:00-

場所 高エネルギー加速器研究機構 3号館1階セミナーホール、及び、Zoomによるハイブリッド開催

SuperKEKB/Belle IIでは、2030年代初頭までにKEKB/Belleの50倍の積分ルミノシティーを蓄積し、

SuperKEKB は新たなノンリニアコリメータを追加し、Belle II は新しいビームパイプ、

そこで、Bファクトリー物理勉強会と New Physics Forumの合同研究会を開催し、理論、実験研究者が
集まって、SuperKEKB/Belle II実験で展開すべき物理についてじっくりと議論したいと思います。

Tristan Fillinger 氏 (KEK)  "Status and prospects for B->tau nu, mu nu at Belle II"
Kåre Fridell 氏 (KEK)          "New physics interpretations of B->Kvv"
北野 龍一郎 氏 (KEK)         "B->tau nu/mu nu (theory)"
三浦 光太郎 氏 (KEK)         "Status of Lattice QCD for Muon g-2"
須江 祐貴 氏 (Nagoya)       "Measurement of the e+e-→pi+pi-pi0 cross section at Belle II"
綿貫 峻 氏 (Cincinnati)       "Selected Belle II Results at Winter Conferences"

6月16日(日)まで [旅費の補助を希望する方は6月5日(水)まで] に左メニューの"Registration"からから参加登録をお願い致します。登録締切後にemailにてZoomの接続情報をお送り致します。

New Physics Forum:
曹 基哲、遠藤 基、濱口 幸一、廣島 渚、伊部 昌宏、北原 鉄平、北野 龍一郎、Tom Melia、永田 夏海、
尾田 欣也、佐藤 丈、山下 公子、Wen Yin

Bファクトリー物理勉強会 : 
石川 明正、後田 裕、遠藤 基、大野木 哲也、岡田 安弘、金児 隆志、北原 鉄平、清 裕一郎、後藤 亨、
田中 実、谷本 盛光、西田 昌平、野尻 美保子、早坂 圭司、樋口 岳雄、久野 純治、三島 智、
両角 卓也、山本 恵

- 高エネルギー加速器研究機構 理論センター、
- 国際先導研究「スーパーBファクトリー研究による素粒子物理学フロンティアの開拓と若手研究者の育成」


3rd Building, 1F Seminar Hall
Registration for this event is currently open.