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Jun 17 – 19, 2019
Fukuoka International Congress Center, Fukuoka, Japan
Asia/Tokyo timezone


Travel to Fukuoka

Fukuoka, the local airport and the main station

Fukuoka is located in the north region of Kyushu area, which is in the west region in Japan. Travel to Fukuoka will be by airplain or by train. Fukuoka is a compact city, where the main streets together with the local airport, the main station and the conference site, are close to each other and are around the subway stations. 

The local airport is "Fukuoka airport" and is directly connected to the subway station. The main station is "Hakata" station, where the super-express train (called as "Shinkansen") connects Fukuoka to the middle and east area in Japan and to the whole Kyushu area. The subway connects the main station to the local airport and the main streets.

In two links here and there, you can find the local airport, the main station and the conference site (together with the subway stations and the banquet place). Here is a google map around the main statioin, which would be useful to find where related places are in this area.


Fukuoka Airport (code : FUK)

There are the domestic and international terminals. Many domestic flights to/from Tokyo/Haneda (code : HND) and some flights to/from Tokyo/Narita (code : NRT). The internaltional flights are available to/from Seoul/Inchon (code : ICN), Taipei/Taoyuan (code : TPE), Beijing (code : PEK), Helsinki/Vantaa (code : HEL) and so on, depending on airlines. The airport station is located in the domesic terminal. A free bus is available to move from the international terminal to the domestic terminal. Here is the airport map.


Hakata Station

This station is the main station in this area. In Fukuoka City Subway, the airport station is 2 stops away from the main station. Kyushu Japan Railway Company and West Japan Railway Company co-operate the super-express train ("Shinkansen"), connecting the station to the broad area in Kyushu and in Japan. Here is the station map.


Fukuoka City Subway

The subway is one of the most useful transportation in this area. Here is the root map. The airport station and the main staion "Hakata" are shown in the root map as below. The conference site is close to "Gofukumachi" and "Nakasu Kawabata". Many hotels are available in "Hakata", "Tenjin" and "Nakasu Kawabata". The banquet place is closet to "Chiyokentyoguchi" and "Gion".

K13 : Airport

K11 : Hakata 

K09/H01 : Nakasu Kawabata

K08 : Tenjin

H02 : Gofukumachi

H03 : Chiyokenchoguchi


Fukuoka International Congress Center

The conference is held at this International Congress Center. Here is the access information. A google map might be useful to check the access from the airport, subway stations, hotels and the nearest locations. The nearest subway stations are "Gofukumachi" (15 min walk) and "Nakasu Kawabata" (20 min walk), which are directly connected to the airport station.