Jan 30 – 31, 2020
3-gokan 1F meeting room in KEK Tsukuba Campus
Asia/Tokyo timezone
Welcome to the SuperKEKB workshop !

SuperKEKB: Challenges for the High Luminosity Frontier

Workshop on SuperKEKB commissioning and international collaboration

We are pleased to announce that the workshop “SuperKEKB : Challenges for the high luminosity frontier” will take place on 30th and 31st January, 2020, at KEK. 2019 has been a successful year devoted in large part to the phase 3 commissioning of SuperKEKB. During this two-day workshop, we will discuss different avenues to further improve the luminosity performance. The sessions will focus on beam dynamics, beam optics, beam background, collision tuning, as well as giving the hardware status and prospects for SuperKEKB. In order to help energize the workshop, following questions should be especially kept in mind through the workshop.

1) What are the causes of the beam-beam blow-up ? What are possible remediations ?

2) What are the challenges for squeezing by* further down to 0.3 mm?

3) What are the sources of injection and storage beam background? What are effective countermeasures?

4) Can we describe a path to storing 2A beams, given the current state and capabilities of the hardwares (vacuum system, collimators, abort systems, etc), while protecting the machine and the Belle II detector?

5) How can we maintain and further enforce the international collaboration?


Please note that the talks are by invitation only.


Program committee members:

Yusuke Suetsugu (KEK ACCL)
Yukiyoshi Ohnishi (KEK ACCL)
Yutaka Ushiroda (KEK IPNS)
Tohru Iijima (KEK IPNS)
Ichiro Adachi (KEK IPNS)
Hiroyuki Nakayama (KEK IPNS)
Shoji Uno (KEK IPNS)
Demin Zhou (KEK ACCL)
Yoshihiro Funakoshi (KEK ACCL)
Akio Morita (KEK ACCL)
John Seeman (SLAC)
Tom Browder (University of Hawaii)
Michael Roney (TRIUMF)
Catia Milardi (INFN)
Katsunobu Oide (CERN)
Rogelio Tomas (CERN)
Frank Zimmermann (CERN)

3-gokan 1F meeting room in KEK Tsukuba Campus