21-27 February 2022
Fully online
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Welcome to ISBA21!!

This is the 4th international school on Beam Dynamics and Accelerator Technology (ISBA21). Particle accelerator has been a powerful thrust on scientific studies. The accelerator was used solely for nuclear and particle physics for the first several decades, but the usage was spread out to wider fields soon. That includes not only other physics field such as material physics, but also chemistry, biology, humanity, industrial and medical applications, etc. Due to the wide variety of the accelerator usage, there is a strong demand for accelerator physicist and engineer from academic and industrial sectors. On the other hand, opportunity to study foundations of accelerator which include beam dynamics, accelerator design, key technologies, is very limited. ISBA has been organized providing such opportunity to graduate students and young researchers in Asian region. 
The school curriculum is composed from two parts. One is foundations and the latest status of the beam dynamics and accelerator technology. Another part is the latest accelerator project based on the state of the art accelerator technology. 
The school can be a gateway entering further advanced studies on the accelerator for graduate students and young researchers in Asian region. Hiroshima university is one of the few universities in Japan which has the graduate school for accelerator study; Accelerator physics group [1] and Beam physics group [2] in Graduate school for Advanced sciences and technology, and HiSOR light source group [3] have PhD courses with accelerator physics and technology. It is our honor to host the 4th International school on Beam Dynamics and Accelerator Technology.
ISBA21 will be held remotely from 21 – 27 Feb. 2022. The lecture will be conducted by Zoom. Spatial chat is also used to facilitate communication among students and with the instructor. Although we will not be able to conduct a laboratory visit, we will use information technology to create a virtual tour that might be more meaningful than an actual visit. We are also considering a project to experience the history and culture of Hiroshima.
A student session is planned for student participation. In the student session, students will present and discuss their own research and topics of interest. This session will also be important to promote communication.

The subjects are:


  • Accelerator in Modern Science
  • Foundation of Beam dynamics
  • Foundation of Synchrotron and storage ring
  • Foundation of Linear Accelerator 
  • Foundation of Collider
  • Foundation of RF technology and NC Accelerator
  • Foundation of Super Conducting Technology for Accelerator
  • Foundation of FEL
  • Synchrotron light source
  • Theoretical treatment of Linear accelerator
  • Accelerator application
  • Linear collider accelerator
  • Linear collider physics

Student session 

Social events

  • Virtual Tour to Laboratories
  • Virtual Tour on historic and scenic places

Secretary Staff  ( Dietary request, etc)
E-Mail: isba21@ml.post.kek.jp

Masao KURIKI, School Organizer (Organization, Curriculum, etc)
E-Mail: mkuriki@hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Tel: +81-82-424-7035

Aryshev ALEXANDER, Vice School Organizer (Organization, Curriculum, etc)
E-Mail: alar@post.kek.jp

Fully online