The symposium "Accomplishments and mysteries in quark flavor physics (KM 50) is organized to celebrate the fruitful history of the quark flavor physics in the past 50 years since the ground-breaking paper by M. Kobayashi and T. Maskawa in 1973. It is accompanied by a workshop "KEK Flavor Factories 2023", which is one in the series of KEK-FFs to discuss the current status of the field.

The event consists of KEK-FF 2023 on February 9-10, followed by KM 50 on February 11.  For more details such as the confirmed speakers and travel info, please visit the conference webpage.

The registration is reopened for on-site participants. Please note that the event will be broadcasted through zoom webinar.

KM 50 Organizers: Naohito Saito (chair, IPNS, KEK), Shoji Hashimoto, Junji Hisano (KMI, Nagoya) Toru Iijima (KMI, Nagoya) Mikihiko Nakao, Mihiko Nojiri, Tadashi Nomura, Shoji Uno (* IPNS, KEK if not specified)

KEK-FF 2023 Organizers: Motoi Endo, Shoji Hashimoto (chair), Akimasa Ishikawa, Takashi Kaneko, Teppei Kitahara (KMI, Nagoya) Shohei Nishida (* IPNS, KEK if not specified)

KEK Tsukuba Campus
Kobayashi Hall
Tsukuba, Japan
Registration for this event is currently open.