Apr 29 – 30, 2023
Central Area 1, Tsukuba Campus, University of Tsukuba
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Workshop Venue

The workshop venue is Room 1D201 and 1D204 (Tsukuba Campus Classsoom Directory in this link), Building 1-D in Central Area 1 (Tsukuba Campus Central Area Map in this link), Tsukuba Campus, University of Tsukuba, as you also see a summary in the attached PDF file (Campus Map and Meeting Room) at the bottom of the top "Overview" page.

To move from Hiroshima to Tsukuba, it is recommended to take either a flight from Hiroshima Aiport to Tokyo Haneda Aiport or a bullet train (新幹線:Shin-Kan-Sen) from Hiroshima Station to Tokyo Station.

After arriving at Tokyo Station, you can take a highway bus directly to Tsukuba at Tokyo Station or a Tsukuba Express (TX) train at Akihabara Station (秋葉原) on Yamanote-Line (山手線).

From Tokyo Haneda Airport or Tokyo Narita Airport, there is also a highway bus bound for Tsukuba.

Please visit University's route map page for details.

To come to the workshop venue from Tsukuba Station, it is convenient to take a Clockwise-Circular (筑波大学循環右回り, Tsukuba Daigaku Junkan Migi-Mawari) bus at the Tsukuba Center bus terminal (つくばセンター) adjacent to the station. Please get off at "Dai-Ichi Area Mae (第一エリア前)" and come to building 1-D (#40 on this campus map).


Highway bus connection between Narita Airport and Tsukuba is here. For a highway bus going back to Narita Airport, you would need a reservation, please ask us to make a call for the reservation.

Highway bus connection between Haneda Airport and Tsukuba is here, with some more detailed info in Japanese, so please ask us for the explanation.

For early morning flight from Haneda Airport, there are several possible connections with train and bus from Tsukuba Center Station to Haneda (arriving before 7AM) here in the following options.

1. Tsukuba Express (Kitasenjyu) Haneda-Airport Limousine Bus (Haneda Airport)

2. Tsukuba Express (Akibhabara) JR Keihin-Tohoku/Yamanote Line (Hamamatsu-cho) Tokyo Monorail (Haneda Airport)

3. Tsukuba Express (Akibhabara) JR Yamanote/Keihin-Tohoku Line (Shinagawa) Keikyu Line (Haneda Airport)

4. Direct Highway Bus (Haneda), the earliest arriving to Haneda at 7:47AM as seen in above info.