Workshop on Highly Baryonic Matter at RHIC-BES and Future Facilities --- beyond the Critical Point towards Neutron Stars --- (WHBM 2023)

from Saturday, 29 April 2023 (08:00) to Sunday, 30 April 2023 (18:50)
Central Area 1, Tsukuba Campus, University of Tsukuba (1D-201/204)

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29 Apr 2023
30 Apr 2023
Check-in (until 09:00) (1D-201/204)
Session I (Chair : ShinIchi Esumi) (until 10:20) (1D-201/204)
09:00 Historical Overview and Future Direction of HIC - Prof. Yasuo Miake   (1D-201/204)
09:40 Exotic states at high baryon density - Prof. Su Houng Lee (Yonsei University)   (1D-201/204)
Coffee Break (until 10:35) (1D-201/204)
Session II (Chair : Tatsuya Chujo) (until 11:55) (1D-201/204)
10:35 Flow and Vorticity at RHIC Beam Energy Scan - Prof. Subhash Singha (IMP)   (1D-201/204)
11:15 QCD Phases at High Baryon Density and Neutron Stars - Prof. Kenji Fukushima   (1D-201/204)
Photo session (until 12:00) (1D-201/204)
Session V (Chair : Yifei Zhang) (until 10:30) (1D-201/204)
09:00 Critical Point and Fluctuation - Prof. Masakiyo Kitazawa   (1D-201/204)
09:40 Fluctuation measurements at RHIC-STAR - Mr Si Fan   (1D-201/204)
10:05 Rapidity scan with multistage hydrodynamic and statistical thermal models - Dr Lipei Du   (1D-201/204)
Coffee Break (until 10:45) (1D-201/204)
Session VI (Chair : Kyoichiro Ozawa) (until 12:40) (1D-201/204)
10:45 Flow and EOS with Microscopic Transport Models - Prof. Yasushi Nara (Akita International University)   (1D-201/204)
11:25 Stopping and transport of baryons in RHIC-BES - Dr Chatterjee Sandeep   (1D-201/204)
11:50 Hypernuclei measurements at RHIC-STAR - Ms Xiujun Li   (1D-201/204)
12:15 Hypernuclei production with a modified coalescence model - Dr Gabor Balassa   (1D-201/204)
Lunch Break (until 13:30) (1D-201/204)
Session III (Chair : Masakiyo Kitazawa) (until 15:40) (1D-201/204)
13:30 Status of CBM and expected FAIR day-1/full results - Prof. Norbert Herrmann   (1D-201/204)
14:10 Dilepton Measurement at J-PARC - Prof. Megumi Naruki (Kyoto Univ. )   (1D-201/204)
14:50 Recent results on the study of the onset of deconfinement and search for critical point from NA61/SHINE experiment - Prof. Magdalena Kuich (University of Warsaw)   (1D-201/204)
15:15 Effect of QCD phase transitions at high density on dilepton production and transport coefficients - Dr Toru Nishimura   (1D-201/204)
Coffee Break (until 16:00) (1D-201/204)
Session IV (Chair : Nu Xu) (until 18:00) (1D-201/204)
16:00 Recent results from HADES experiment and plan for CBM - Prof. Joachim Stroth (GSI / Frankfurt Univ. )   (1D-201/204)
16:40 Studies of high-baryon density matter at J-PARC - Dr Hiroyuki Sako   (1D-201/204)
17:05 The phi meson in nuclear matter - theory status before the start of the J-PARC E16 experiment - Dr Philipp Gubler (JAEA)   (1D-201/204)
17:30 Panel discussion, panelists: Prof. Sourendu Gupta, Prof. Tapan Nayak - Prof. Tapan Nayak Prof. Sourendu Gupta   (1D-201/204)
Lunch Break (until 14:00) (1D-201/204)
Session VII (Chair : Fuqiang Wang) (until 15:55) (1D-201/204)
14:00 Experimental challenge to study on high density matter and neutron star - Dr Shunji Nishimura (RIKEN)   (1D-201/204)
14:25 Conformality and duality in neutron stars - Dr Yuki Fujimoto   (1D-201/204)
14:50 Measuring hard and electromagnetic probes in Pb-Pb collisions at high baryochemical potential: the NA60+ experiment at the CERN SPS - Prof. Gianluca Usai (University of Cagliari / INFN )   (1D-201/204)
15:15 Physics at High Baryon Density and plan for HIAF/CEE - Prof. Nu Xu   (1D-201/204)
Closing (until 16:00) (1D-201/204)