29 November 2023 to 1 December 2023
KEK Tsukuba Campus
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Financial Support

General Information

We have a limited amount of budget to support the domestic (in Japan) travel expenses primarily for young participants. In case there are too many applicants, we may have to make some selections. To apply for the support:

  1. Please complete the following KEK User Registration.
  2. Apply for travel expenses support at KEK Users Support System.

Detailes are below. 


User Registration for Financial Support

For participants who don't have a KEK User Account:

  1. Visit the webpage KEK User Information.
  2. Click User Registration in the left menu.
  3. Read the terms and click Agree at the bottom.
  4. Fill in the blank by following the guide: [English]  [Japanese].
  5. You will receive your User ID and Password by e-mail within 2 business days (via human processing).
  6. Change your Password within 48 hours, otherwise it will be expired.

For participants who have already got their User ID on the previous visit to KEK in 2007 or later

  1. Please login from the webpage: KEK User Information. User ID is your registered e-mail address. If you don't remember your Password, please e-mail Users Office <uo1 (at) mail.kek.jp>.)
  2. Click +Administrative Procedures for Visiting KEK/J-PARC in the left menu.
  3. Click 2. Identify the purpose of your visit to KEK/J-PARC just below.
  4. Fill in the blank by following the guide: [English]  [Japanese].
  5. You will get e-mail within 2 business days (via human processing) 


Application for Financial Support

Procedure to apply for the travel expenses support: http://www2.kek.jp/uskek/eng/visiting/detail.html
Since reimbursement will be made through Japanese bank account, you must also register your bank account. Visit KEK User Support System, and login with your ID and password.

  1. Click Administrative Procedures for Visiting KEK/J-PARC in the left menu.
  2. Click 1. Administration relating to your visit just below.
  3. Click the Nextbutton.
  4. Click Submit for Request for bank account number registration change (Japan only).
  5. Click Search of Financial Name.
  6. Enter Branch name only and click Search.
  7. Choose Bank name at the left circle and click Confirm.
  8. Fill the form and click Next at the bottom.
  9. Check the information and click Confirm at the bottom.

If you don't have a Japanese bank account, please contact conference secretary. We will reimburse you for the expenses in cash when you visit KEK.