Jun 27 – 28, 2024
Asia/Tokyo timezone

The Reimei Workshop "Hadron interactions with strangeness and charm" will be held on June 27 - 28, 2024, on-site at the Uni Hotel on beautiful Jeju Island in South Korea. The workshop will focus on topics related to the experimental/theoretical study and determination of interactions among hadrons with strange and charm quarks. The strength of such interactions is important for our understanding of exotic hadrons, hadronic molecules, the existence and structure of hypernuclei and dense matter that may be realized in low-energy heavy-ion collisions or inside of neutron stars. We hope to create a relaxed atmosphere at the workshop which will hopefully stimulate intensive discussions between all participants, but especially between theorists and experimentalists to be beneficial for the future development of the field.

27-28 June, 2024

Uni Hotel, Jeju Island, South Korea, https://unihotel.co.kr/ 

Topics to be discussed: 
-Hadronic interactions from effective theories
-New experimental constraints of hadronic interactions (femtoscopy etc)
-Existence and structure of exotic hadrons
-In-medium hadronic interactions-Implications of hadronic interactions on neutron stars
-New ideas for future experimental facilities and measurements
-Related topics

Invited speakers (all to be confirmed):
-Takumi Doi (RIKEN)
-Yuki Fujimoto (INT/U. of Washington)
-Atsushi Hosaka (RCNP/Osaka U.)
-Testuo Hyodo (Tokyo Metropolitan U.)
-Masaya Ichikawa (Kyoto U.)
-Yudai Ichikawa (Tohoku U.)
-Asanosuke Jinno (Kyoto U.)
-Masakiyo Kitazawa (Yukawa Inst./Kyoto U.)
-MinJung Kweon (Inha U) 
-Koichi Murase (Kyoto U.)
-Hajime Togashi (RCNP/Osaka U.)
-Guang-Juan Wang (KEK)
-Yasuhiro Yamaguchi (Nagoya U.)                           
-Sanghoon Lim (Pusan Nat. U.)                           
-Lim Yeunhwan (Yonsei U.)

Please register before March 31. A registration fee of 10,000 KRW for coffee and snacks will be collected in cash at the registration desk.

Please make your own reservation. We recommend booking Hotel Uni (https://unihotel.co.kr/) through travel sites or through the hotel reservation page (https://be4.wingsbooking.com/UHJ1) before April, as June is a high season. If you choose to stay at Uni Hotel, please provide us with check-in and check-out information at registration page (You will receive a discount breakfast upon check-in).  

Travel information:
Uni Hotel is approximately 14 km from Jeju International Airport.  Public transportation is available, but we recommend taking a taxi, which will cost around 13,500 Korean won. 

Kazuya Aoki (KEK)
Philipp Gubler (JAEA)
Su Houng Lee (Yonsei University)
Hiroyuki Sako (JAEA)

Conference Staff: 
Eun Sook Lee (Yonsei University)

Registration for this event is currently open.