Dec 15 – 18, 2020
Online (Zoom)
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Non-abelian DBI Action on Magnetized Extra Dimensions

Dec 16, 2020, 3:20 PM
Online (Zoom)

Online (Zoom)

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Mr Yoshihiko Abe (Kyoto U.)


We study the D-branes on the magnetized extra dimensions and corrections of the flux to the effective theories. Specifically we focus on toroidal compactifications of non-abelian DBI action, and compute the flux corrections to the gauge couplings, the Kaehler metrics of charged matters and the scalar four-point couplings. In this talk, we would like to show the results of the dimensional reduction and discuss the D-term potential and whether the Kaehler metric can be read consistently with the D-tem potential. This talk is based on the work in progress with Tetsutaro Higaki, Tatsuo Kobayashi and Shintaro Takada.

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