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Jan 23 – 26, 2018
KEK Tsukuba Campus
Japan timezone
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Conference dinner

On Thursday evening Jan. 25, we plan to have banquet (conference dinner) for participants of ISRD2018. Japanese traditional cuisine served individually in tatami-room with view of Japanese style garden. You can choose one of your preferable from fish, beef, vegetarian or halal food. The costs are JPY 4,000 and JPY 8,000 for students and non-students, respectively.

Venue : Tsukuba Sansui-tei (Japanese restaurant at Tsukuba-city)

Sign up is mandantory through registration page until Dec.22.


After Thursday session bus transportation from conference venue to Sansui-tei is avaiable. Departure time is 18:00. After banquet, bus transportation to Tsukuba station, Okura-hotel and KEK domitory is avaiable.