ISRD2018 : International Symposium on Radiation Detectors and Their Uses

from Tuesday, 23 January 2018 (09:00) to Friday, 26 January 2018 (17:30)
KEK Tsukuba Campus (Kobayashi hall)

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23 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018
25 Jan 2018
26 Jan 2018
11:00 Registration   (Kobayashi hall)
Isotope (until 10:40) (Kobayashi hall)
09:00 O11: Discovery of new element - Kouji MORIMOTO (RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science)   (Kobayashi hall)
09:40 O12: Study the relationship between radon progeny and particle size using Timepix chip - Miroslaw Janik (QST/NIRS, Chiba, Japan)   (Kobayashi hall)
10:00 O13: Development of Radioisotopes Production Method by Accelerator-based Neutron: Activity at Kyushu University - Tadahiro Kin (Department of Advanced Energy Engineering Science, Kyushu University)   (Kobayashi hall)
10:20 O14: Micro Isotope Imaging by Resonant Laser - Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry - Hideki TOMITA (Department of Energy Engineering, Nagoya University)   (Kobayashi hall)
10:40 --- Break ---
Activity (until 12:15) (Kobayashi hall)
10:55 O15: Radiocarbon analysis of medical samples using Cavity Ring-Down spectroscopy. - Volker Sonnenschein (University of Nagoya)   (Kobayashi hall)
11:15 O16: Simplification of method for analyzing Sr-90 radioactivity in urine sample - Hiroki FUJITA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   (Kobayashi hall)
11:35 O17: Estimation of 134Cs activity using the sum-peak via a well type Ge detector - Yoshimune Ogata (Nagoya University)   (Kobayashi hall)
11:55 O18: Development of the multi-wire proportional counter at KRISS - Sanghoon Hwang (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science)   (Kobayashi hall)
Semiconductor (until 10:40) (Kobayashi hall)
09:00 O27: Development of Hybrid-Pixel Radiation Detectors at the FMF - Sebastian Schütt (Freiburg university)   (Kobayashi hall)
09:40 O28: Development of CdTe pixel detectors for energy-resolved X-ray diffractions - Hidenori TOYOKAWA (Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute)   (Kobayashi hall)
10:00 O29: L X ray spectroscopy of transuranium elements with transition edge sensor microcalorimeter - Keisuke MAEHATA (Kyushu University)   (Kobayashi hall)
10:20 O30: New Type of Diamond Particle Detector TCAD Simulation - M Jauhar KHOLILI (SOKENDAI)   (Kobayashi hall)
10:40 --- Break ---
Gas (until 11:55) (Kobayashi hall)
10:55 O31: Electroluminescence in gas detectors: concepts and applications (Invited) - Filipa I.G.M. Borges (Departmento of Physics, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal)   (Kobayashi hall)
11:35 O32: Dual-Stage Gas Proportional Scintillation Counter - Concept and Experimental Results - Andre CORTEZ (LIP-Coimbra)   (Kobayashi hall)
11:55 --- Lunch ---
Scintillator (until 10:40) (Kobayashi hall)
09:00 O45: Light output, energy resolution and timing characteristics of Ce3+ doped scintillators - Weerapong Chewpraditkul   (Kobayashi hall)
09:40 O46: Growth of organic crystals for neutron detection and their scintillation properties - Akihiro Yamaji (Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University)   (Kobayashi hall)
10:00 O47: Development of dual time-over-threshold method for estimation of scintillation decay time and energy - Ryosuke Ota (Hamamatsu Photonics K. K.)   (Kobayashi hall)
10:20 O48: Some Properties of Plastic Scintillators to Construct a LET Spectrometer - Nguyen Thuy Ngan TRAN (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI))   (Kobayashi hall)
10:40 --- Break ---
Scintillator (until 11:55) (Kobayashi hall)
10:55 O49: Readout Test of Plastic Scintillator with SiPM for the development of Gamma-ray Burst Polarimeter - Shuichi Gunji (Yamagata University)   (Kobayashi hall)
11:15 O50: Demonstration of 3D Cosmic-ray Muon Tomography using Portable Muography Detector made of Plastic Scintillating Fibers - Kullapha CHAIWONGKHOT (Department of Advanced Energy Engineering Science, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan)   (Kobayashi hall)
11:35 O51: Dark Matter Search by means of highly radiopure NaI(Tl) scintillator - Ken-Ichi FUSHIMI (Department of Physics, Tokushima University)   (Kobayashi hall)
Closing Remarks (until 12:05) (Kobayashi hall)
Welcoming Remarks (until 13:10) (Kobayashi hall)
Dosimeter (until 14:50) (Kobayashi hall)
13:10 O1: Gamma ray effect on reading alpha particle tracks using fluorescent nuclear track detectors (FNTDs) - Takuya HASHIZUME (1.Nagase-Landauer, Ltd. 2.SOKENDAI)   (Kobayashi hall)
13:30 O2: Applicability of polyimide films for identification of ultra-heavy components, including uranium ions in garactic cosmic ray - Tamon KUSUMOTO (Kobe university and IPHC)   (Kobayashi hall)
13:50 O3: Possibility of element mixed with Aluminum Oxide - Ikuo Kobayashi (Nagase Landauer Ltd.)   (Kobayashi hall)
14:10 O4: Latest advances in fluorescent nuclear track detector technology and instrumentation - Mark S. Akselrod   (Kobayashi hall)
14:50 --- Break ---
Dosimeter (until 16:25) (Kobayashi hall)
15:05 O5: Effect of preheat temperature and time on stability of sensitivity of radiophotoluminescent glass dosimeters - Nazia Neelam Shehzadi ((A) Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS) (B) University of Science and Technology (UST))   (Kobayashi hall)
15:25 O6: Scintillation Properties of Cr-doped Alexandrite Crystal for Dose Verification in Radiation Therapy - Shunsuke KUROSAWA (Tohoku Universtiy, Yamagata Universtiy)   (Kobayashi hall)
15:45 O7: A study on utilization of TEPC as a fusion reaction monitoring device at the KSTAR tokamak - Youngseok Lee (National Fusion Research Institute)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:05 O8: Experiment on board the International Space Station using Position Sensitive Tissue-Equivalent Proportional Chamber “PS-TEPC” - Yuji Kishimoto (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK))   (Kobayashi hall)
16:25 --- Break ---
DAQ (until 17:20) (Kobayashi hall)
16:40 O9: New Digital Techniques for Pulse-shape Discrimination, High-rate Operation and Pulse Timing of Radiation Detectors (Invited) - Mohammad Nakhostin (University of Surrey, UK)   (Kobayashi hall)
17:40 --- Welcome Party ---
12:15 --- Lunch ---
Fukushima (until 14:35) (Kobayashi hall)
13:15 O19: Source Term Estimation for the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident by Comparing Environmental Monitoring and Atmospheric Dispersion Simulation (Invited) - Haruyasu NAGAI (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   (Kobayashi hall)
14:15 O22: Development of radiation imaging system integrating radiation measurement into optical three-dimensional measurement - Yuki Sato (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   (Kobayashi hall)
14:35 --- Break ---
Fukushima (until 16:10) (Kobayashi hall)
14:50 O23: Preliminary study on determination of surface contamination density on soil in heavily contaminated areas using a CeBr3 scintillation detector coupled with lead shielding - Munehiko KOWATARI (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   (Kobayashi hall)
15:10 O24: Development of remote sensing technique using radiation-resistant optical fibers under high-radiation environment - Chikara ITO (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   (Kobayashi hall)
15:30 O25: Laser cooling and spectroscopy of trapped Sr ions - Yoshihiro IWATA (The University of Tokyo)   (Kobayashi hall)
15:50 O26: Comparing of Gamma Ray Visualization Analyzer’s Quantitative Performance with Survey Meter’s Dose Rate’s one - Akio Uesaka (HORIBA, Ltd.)   (Kobayashi hall)
Poster Session (until 18:10) (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P10: The Development of Length-Compensated Proportional Counter at KRISS - Yonggeun SEON (Kyungpook National University, Korea Research Institute of Standard and Science(KRISS))   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P11: Sensitivity Improvement of Mid Infrared CRDS for Radiocarbon Analysis - Ryohei TERABAYASHI (Nagoya University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P12: Simulation of α/β gross activity measurement of soil samples with proportional counters - THAMER ALHARBI (Department of Physics, College of Science in Zulfi, Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P13: Production of medical radioisotope 64Cu via the 64Zn(n,p) reaction with accelerator-based neutrons and chemical separation - Masaki Kamida (Department of Advanced Energy Engineering Science, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P14: Evaluation of dose response characteristics of a small type Optically Stimulated Luminescence dosimeter irradiated with more than 10 Gy - Tohru OKAZAKI (Nagase-Landauer, Ltd.)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P15: Evaluation on Thermoluminescence Kinetic Parameters of Ge-doped Cylindrical Fibre Dosimeter By Computerised Glow Curve Deconvolution - Muhammad Safwan Ahmad Fadzil (Department of Imaging, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P16: Thermoluminescence Properties of CaF2:Dy Nanophosphors for Electron Dosimetry - Mahesh S. BHADANE (Department of Physics, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune-411007.)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P17: A study on three dimensional dose verification of high-dose-rate (HDR) flattening filter-free (FFF) radiation therapy by using NIPAM gel dosimetry - Chia-Chi Lin (Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Science, China Medical University, No.91, Hsueh-Shih Road, 40402 Taichung City, Taiwan, R.O.C.)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P18: Evaluation of biological effect in neutron field generated by an accelerator - Riichiro Nakamura (Kyushu University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P1: Development of 4π Compton gamma imaging for determination of radioactivity - Kohei Uema (Department of Energy Engineering, Nagoya Univ.)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P20: A Study on a Metal Artifact Reduction Method by Energy-resolved CT - Kentaro Ouchi (Kyoto University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P21: Identification of a Material in a Metal Case Using Energy Resolved Computed Tomography - Shota ISHIKAWA (Kyoto University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P22: Simplified Computed Tomography by Two-direction Transmission Imaging using a Flat-type “transXend” Detector - Sota TOSHIRO (Kyoto University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P23: Development of 3D resistor chain circuits for the X’tal cube PET detector - Genki HIRUMI (National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS-QST)/ Chiba University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P24: Determination of Accelerator-based Neutron Energy Distribution by means of Multiple-Foil Activation Method using GRAVEL, MAXED, and RooUnfold - Katsumi Aoki (Department of Advanced Energy Engineering Science, Kyushu University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P25: Verification of unfolding method for neutron energy spectra using liquid organic scintillator - Eunji LEE (Kyushu University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P26: High definition pulse neutron imaging with high-frame-rate camera by center-of-gravity and super-resolution processing for bright spots from image intensifier. - Katsuya Kanehira (Cooperative Major in Nuclear Energy, Tokyo City University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P27: Image reconstruction for fast neutron camera using nuclear emulsion - Kanji Watanabe (Department of Energy Engineering, Nagoya University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P28: Perforated thermal neutron detectors with depleted UO2 as converter material - A Monte Carlo simulation study - Manoj Kumar Parida (HBNI, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu, India.)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P29: Evaluation of Applicability of Monte-Carlo Simulation to Equipment Design of Radioactive Noble Gas Monitor - Kei SUGIHARA (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp.)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P2: Development of compact portal monitor using SiPM for radiation monitoring in dringking water - Jeonho Kim (Myongji university)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P30: Design of filter for semiconductor of minimizing damage by inspection - KiHyun Park (Myongji University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P31: Review of using compressive sensing method for real time detection in nuclear survey and other nuclear industrial application - Masoumeh Mohamadian (Energy Engineering Department, Amirkabir University of Technology)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P32: Measurement of scintillation and ionization in helium mixed with xenon - Akihiro Takeuchi (SOKENDAI)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P33: Development of neutron imaging detector with glass capillary plate - Ryutaro ITOH (Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Yamagata University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P34: Gamma ray tracking system in kriss - Jubong Han (ust)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P35: Application of Bragg Curve Counters to Measurement of Double Differential Cross Sections for Evaporated Charged Particles from Proton-Induced Reactions - Yuji YAMAGUCHI (Kyushu University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P36: Small-volume thallium bromide gamma-ray detectors for high-intensity radiation fields - Mitsuhiro Nogami (Tohoku University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P37: Development of a Single Crystal CVD Diamond Detector for High Energy Elementary Particle Experiment - Asuka Hara (SOKENDAI, the Graduate University for Advanced Studies)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P38: Light yield and timing characteristics of LGSO:Ce,Ca and LGSO:Ce single crystals - Nattasuda Yawai (King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok 10140, Thailand)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P39: Scintillation characteristics of YAlO3:Pr3+ single crystals with different Pr3+ concentration - Krittiya Sreebunpeng (Chandrakasem Rajabhat University, Thailand)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P3: Development of band pass filtered external cavity diode laser system for RIMS of radioactive strontium isotopes. - DONGUK CHEON (University of Tokyo, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P40: Scintillation properties of Cs2HfCl6 and Gd:Cs2HfCl6 scintillators with a MPPC - SHOHEI KODAMA (Institute of Materials Research, Tohoku University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P41: Characterization of Benzoic Acid-based Solid Scintillators for a Neutron Detector - Shinnosuke YAMATO (Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P42: Development of Detection System for Measurement of Zenith Angular Differential Spectra of Low-energy Terrestrial Cosmic-ray Muon - Hikaru SATO (Department of Advanced Energy Engineering Science, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P43: Dark Matter search useing NaI(Tl) scintillator - Shouko Hirata (Tokushima University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P44: Scintillation properties of ZnWO4 crystals for direct-sensitive Dark Matter search - Misa Tsukahara (Yamagata University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P45: Evaluation of patient and staff reduction dose during fluoroscopy guided cardiology procedure - Kuo-Ting Tang   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P46: Sub-micrometer resolution X-ray imaging with a thin-film scintillator fabricated by a solid-state diffusion bonding of transparent ceramics - Takashi KAMESHIMA (Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P47: Feasibility study on an application of scintillation fiber imager to realtime range monitoring system for carbon ion therapy - Takeo IWAI (Yamagata University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P48: Development of the Analog-based Circuit for Safety-Related Radiation Monitor - Noriaki MORI (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp.)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P49: A SOI pixel sensor with fine space-time resolution for the ILC vertex detector system - Taohan LI (Tohoku University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P4: Feasibility of in situ measurements for the radiological assessments of strontium-90 in the rivers and lakes - Hye Min Park (MyongJi university)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P5: Using VR/AR, Development of nuclear radiation disaster prevention traing system for local governmnet - Seung hyun Ha (Orion EnC Co.Ltd)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P6: Testing of criticality accident alarm system detectors to the radiations from a pulsed reactor - Norio TSUJIMURA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P7: Constancy evaluation for 4πγ (ISOCAL-IV) Ionization Chamber - Wei-Han Chu (Health Physics Division, Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Taiwan (ROC))   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P8: Absolute Measurements of Radioactive Sources by Using Isothermal Microcalorimetry - Young Jin Park (KRISS(Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science))   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 P9: Digital Anti-coincidence Counting Method with Emulated Live-Time of the Extending Dead-Time: Ga-67 standardization - K.B. Lee (Korea Institutes of Stanards and Science)   (Kobayashi hall)
Gas (until 13:35) (Kobayashi hall)
12:55 O33: Micropattern Gaseous Detectors Their Applications and RD51 Collaboration - Leszek Ropelewski (CERN)   (Kobayashi hall)
Medical (until 14:55) (Kobayashi hall)
13:35 O34: Timing performance of a DOI dual-end readout detector using laser-segmented crystal bars - Akram MOHAMMADI (National Institute of Radiological Sciences)   (Kobayashi hall)
13:55 O35: Development of an ultra-high resolution radiation imaging system - Seiichi YAMAMOTO (Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine)   (Kobayashi hall)
14:15 O36: Determination of radiochemical yields of hydroxyl radical production in water under low energy proton irradiation - Nicolas LUDWIG (IPHC, UMR 7178, CNRS, Radiochimistry group, Strasbourg, France)   (Kobayashi hall)
14:35 O37: Effective Atomic Number Estimation Using Current Mode Energy-Resolved Computed Tomography - Takumi Hamaguchi (Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University)   (Kobayashi hall)
14:55 --- Break ---
Neutron (until 16:10) (Kobayashi hall)
15:10 O38: Determination of emission rates and spectra of neutrons from 241Am-Li sources - Katsuya Hoshi (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   (Kobayashi hall)
15:30 O39: Identification and quantification of nuclear nuclides using a pulsed neutron imaging technique - Daisuke ITO (Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University)   (Kobayashi hall)
15:50 O40: Neutron distribution measurement by the self-activation of a CsI plate with CCD camera using a decaying self-activation imaging technique - Akihiro NOHTOMI (Department of Health Sciences, Kyushu University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:10 --- Break ---
Neutron (until 17:25) (Kobayashi hall)
16:25 O42: Development of high-efficiency neutron imaging detector for non-destructive test of next generation nuclear fuels - Yoshiyuki TAKAHASHI (Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University)   (Kobayashi hall)
16:45 O43: Outline of the development of Nondestructive Methods Adopted for Integrity Test of Next Generation Nuclear Fuels (N-DeMAIN) - KEN NAKAJIMA (Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University)   (Kobayashi hall)
17:05 O44: Neutron spectrum measurement for 24 GeV/c proton on thick copper target at CERN/CHARM - Toshiya SANAMI (KEK)   (Kobayashi hall)
19:00 --- Banquet ---
12:05 --- Lunch ---
KEK tour (until 15:30) (Kobayashi hall)