18-22 September 2017
IVIL: industry & information plaza, Tokai-mura
Japan timezone

Optional Tour to Kamioka

Optional Tour to Kamioka

LOC invites guests to an optional one-day tour to Kamioka underground laboratories, Super-Kamiokande and Kamland, on Sep.23rd.

Since it is Saturday and a national holiday of Japan, total number of visitors is limited by safety reasons. It is likely that LOC cannot accept all applicants, and priority to be given for foreign guests. Accompanied persons will not be accepted. Please apply to the tour lottery through the registration page in your early convenience, no later than June 30. LOC will inform selection results ASAP, so that applicants can arrange additional accommodation and return flight enough earlier.

(Now number of applicants has reached to the maximum capacity, and we are sorry that no more guests can be accepted.)

It is full-one day tour by Hokuriku-Shinkansen super express train bound from Ueno (Tokyo) to Toyama, and a chartered bus from Toyama to Kamioka.

Ueno is convenient to access both Haneda and Narita airports for your return flight. Stay two nights (22 & 23) at Ueno is strongly recommended, so that you can join the tour without big luggage. LOC members will guide you from Ueno through the way.

The tour fee is +28,000 JPY, which includes Shinkansen round-trip tickets between Ueno and Toyama, transportation between Toyama and Kamioka, and lunch+coffee break at Kamioka town. LOC will request the fee at the registration on 18th/20th, and pass you the JR tickets in return.


How to move from Mito/Katsuta to Ueno on 22nd

After meeting is over on 22nd 17:00 at Tokai, participants are requested to move to Ueno station with Joban-line express HITACHI/TOKIWA  by your own arrangement. When you checkout your hotel at Mito/Katsuta in the morning, it may be nice idea to ask hotel to keep your luggage. After the meeting is over, come back to Mito/Katsuta station, purchase express tickets to Ueno, pick luggage up at hotel, and then move to Ueno.  It takes about 65-75 min from Mito station to Ueno station. Fee is about 3,800 JPY.


Tour Schedule on 23rd

  • Participants will start Ueno in early morning (KAGAYAKI 503: Ueno 7:26 - Toyama 9:32). Let's gather to "Shinkansen Central Transfer Gate" at 7:00am. To pass the central ticket gate, please use "basic fare ticket" from Tokyo area to Toyama (Please do not forget to pick the ticket up). It may be difficult to finish breakfast at hotel. Purchase your breakfast at station in prior, or purchase it in Shinkansen.
  • When Shinkansen arrives at Toyama, let's gather at the official meeting point "Shinkansen-Central-Gate" at 9:40.
  • The chartered bus will start Toyama station North South gate around 10:00, and arrive Kamioka town on 11:15 for lunch. After lunch at a regional couisine restaurant (Morinoya), we will make a brief stop at a traditional cafe (Asunaro) for a coffee break.  We will depart Kamioka town on 12:30 to ICRR research building.
  • On 13:00 we will depart the research building into the mine, and start underground facility tour for about 2 hours (13:30-15:30).  We will come back to research building on 16:00, and then finish the tour at Toyama station around 17:00.
  • Possible choice of the return Shinkansen to Ueno are:
    • Kagayaki 512 (17:06 Toyama - 19:14 Ueno)
    • Kagayaki 530 (17:26 Toyama - 19:38 Ueno)
    • Hakutaka 574 (18:32 Toyama - 21:10 Ueno)
    • Kagayaki 516 (19:37 Toyama - 21:50 Ueno) 
  • LOC would like to invite guests for a dinner at Toyama. For the purpose the latest Kagayaki 516 has been reserved. For those who leave Toyama earlier, LOC will support to change train reservation.

Hotels around Ueno station, which may be decent and convenient: