Sep 18 – 22, 2017
IVIL: industry & information plaza, Tokai-mura
Japan timezone



IVIL (meeting place) is 3 minute walk from JR train Tokai station. Since there are little availability of hotels around Tokai, we recommend you to stay Mito / Katsuta instead. Followings are examples of decent hotels near stations:

HOTEL at MITO (15 min ride of JR train from Tokai station, prefectural capital city)

  • Hotel Terrace the garden MITO (HP/Google Map): 8,650 JPY ~ /night  with breakfast
  • Daiwa Roynet Hotel MITO (HP/Google Map): 8,500 JPY ~ /night with breakfast  - special rate will be applied through phone reseravtion(81-29-303-3311) for NBI2017 guests.

HOTEL at KATSUTA (10 min ride of JR train from Tokai station)

  • Terrace Inn KATSUTA (HP/Google Map): 7,750 JPY ~ /night with breakfast

If you need help to make reservations / prefer to stay J-PARC dormitory (2,500JPY/night, no breakfast service available) please don't hesitate to contact LOC.


* Accommodation for the optional one-day tour to Kamioka can be found in the tour page. Please be careful that participants selected through lottery are supposed to move to Ueno(Tokyo) on 22nd after all sessions over, and stay there for ~2 nights (22 and 23).