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1st August, 2022   Registration deadline has been extended untill 15th August, 2022 

Welcome to ISBA22 !!

21 – 29 Nov. 2022 in person.     
The Venue is Hiroshima International Plaza (Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan)


This is the 5th international school on Beam Dynamics and Accelerator Technology (ISBA22). The school is organized as an edition of the KEK-IINAS series, and hosted by Hiroshima University.

 Particle accelerator has been a powerful thrust on scientific studies. The accelerator was used solely for nuclear and particle physics for the first several decades, but the usage was spread out to wider fields soon. That includes not only other physics field such as material physics, but also chemistry, biology, humanity, industrial and medical applications, etc. Due to the wide variety of the accelerator usage, there is a strong demand for accelerator physicist and engineer from academic and industrial sectors. On the other hand, opportunity to study foundations of accelerator which include beam dynamics, accelerator design, key technologies, is very limited. ISBA has been organized providing such opportunity to graduate students and young researchers in Asian region. The school can be a gateway entering further advanced studies on the accelerator for graduate students and young researchers in Asian region.     Hiroshima university is one of the few universities in Japan which has the graduate school for accelerator study; Accelerator physics group [1] and Beam physics group [2] in Graduate school for Advanced sciences and technology, and HiSOR light source group [3] have PhD courses with accelerator physics and technology. It is our honor to host the 5th International school on Beam Dynamics and Accelerator Technology.  

[1] https://accel.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/    
[2] https://beamphys.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/index.html  
[3] http://www.hsrc.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/index.html       

The school curriculum is composed from three parts.  
1.  Foundations of Accelerator science: Introduction to accelerator science, foundation of accelerator concepts, foundation of accelerator technology, examples of the latest accelerators, etc.    

2.  Advanced topics of Accelerator science: This is a new course from this school. We have set two courses in parallel. This year, the topics are 1) Advanced acceleration technology which covers laser plasma acceleration, plasma wake acceleration, dielectric structure acceleration, muon acceleration, etc. Another topic is 2) AI for accelerator science, that includes deep learning for accelerator operation, and accelerator optimization, AI for beam diagnostics, etc. You have to select one of them.     

3.  Hans-on training:Students will receive hands-on training in the simulation-based design of particle accelerators. It starts from a tutorial and the student finally complete the design based on the beam dynamics. The result is presented in the last day of school and awards will be given for excellence.         

As other programs, we have student sessions. Students present and discuss their own research and topics of interest in the session. In the middle of school, we have excursion for a whole day. The destination is Shimanami islands between Hiroshima prefecture (Japan main land) and Ehime prefecture (Japan Shikoku island). Shimanami islands are in Setouchi see and are connected by many bridges. The biggest bridge is Kurushima channel bridge composed from three suspension bridges with 4.1km length. This area is famous where pirates were active historically. We will visit the pirates museum in Oshima island.    

Registration for this event is currently open.