Mar 12 – 18, 2023
Asia/Tokyo timezone


Program (Tentative program)

We will provide the following lectures:
 ● 4 lectures in series on Particle Physics Theory
 ● 4 lectures in series on Particle Physics Experiment
 ● 4 lectures in series on Particle Accelerator
 ● 4 lectures in series on Particle Detector


We also provide 4 demonstration classes for assembly of and experiments on a Wire Chamber kit.
Each slot of lectures and discussions are for 90 minutes.


Student Presentation on March 18th [9:00-11:30]

Participants are divided into 5 groups. (1 group: about 10 students)
Each group gives a presentation on assignments.

5 groups
 (1) Particle Physics Theory: Prof. Yutaka SAKAMURA
 (2) Particle Physics Experiment: Prof. Shohei NISHIDA
 (3) Detector: Prof. Toru TSUBOYAMA
 (4) Accelerator: Prof. Hiroshi KAJI
 (5) Experiment (Wire Chamber): Prof. Shoji UNO

Each Group has 30 minutes
 -Presentation: 20 minutes
 -Discussion:  10 minutes

Each lecturer gives some assignment(s)
Students have a time to prepare the presentation on March 15th-17th.

If participants have PCs, we recommend they carry their own PCs.
Participants are able to connect to the Internet through Wifi free of charge at Chulalongkorn University.