12-18 March 2023
Asia/Tokyo timezone


Requests for your cooperation 

For follow-up survey from KEK IINAS-NX



To All School attendees,


"Inter-Institution Network for Accelerators Science to Next Generation (IINAS-NX)” is the project of High Energy Accelerator Research organization (KEK, Japan). One of their missions is to develop the international young researchers for the high energy accelerator research field. KEK IINAS-NX support its budget the school which you attend.

We would like to request your cooperation for the follow-up survey to collect evidence of implementation status of KEK IINAS-NX project.


【How to follow-up】

KEK IINAS-NX will follow up your Research Results and Career Information on your ORCID account.

[What is Research Result?]

Scientific articles, Research paper, Dissertation, Treatise, Proceedings,

Oral presentation as academic events such as symposium, academic society

[What is Career Information?]

・Information of the position and affiliated institution after your school participation.

  [What is ORCID?]

   Please refer to “About ORCID” below.


【Handling of the information】

KEK IINAS-NX will investigate ONLY the total number of the Research Results and Career Information on your ORCID account. Your name and email address may be provided to the survey system vender of KEK IINAS-NX when performing all mission. Otherwise your personal information including your name, email address, contents of your paper or any products WILL NOT be disclosed or used to anyone.


【Required Action from you】

You will receive an e-mail from do_not_reply@atlas.jp which is KEK IINAS-NX survey system after your attending the school. Which requests you to verify your ORCID iD and grant your permission to KEK IINAS-NX for updating your ORCID record on your behalf.

The follow is a sample e-mail.

Please follow its instruction and KEK IINAS-NX uploads the name of school you attended onto your ORCID account after granting your permission.

We would much appreciate your understanding that KEK IINAS-NX will track your record to see your Research Results and Career Information on your ORCID account. You will receive a few emails from KEK IINAS-NX in a year to request you to update your record on your ORCID account until March 31, 2028.





1. What’s ORCID?

ORCID Researcher Number is an identifier number (Persistent ID) that researchers can obtain themselves, administered by an international nonprofit organization ORCID, Inc.


2. What’s benefit?

・Based on this number, the research results and the activities history of each researcher will be linked, and it is connected to the system operated by journal publisher, university, research institution and many other academic information services.

・ORCID makes your information for your academic background, achievements and research results to be guaranteed with approval by your institute and related organization.

・Increase your name recognition.

・You can use the same Researcher Number throughout your life, even though you change your affiliation or residential country .


Further information for ORCID and registration   https://orcid.org/



Please feel free to contact KEK IINAS-NX office for your concerns.



Email: iinas-nx_secretariat@ml.post.kek.jp