Jan 9 – 10, 2024
KEK (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization)
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Instructions to the speakers

1. Talk schedule

The talk slots and allocated times (including talk and questions/comments/discussions) are mentioned on the timetable at: https://conference-indico.kek.jp/event/253/timetable/ . We think these have been unchanged since we confirmed with you each before, unless you have been contacted by LOC.

2. Sharing the slides

Please share the slides and mute via Zoom during your talk. We kindly ask also to test sharing the slides during the breaks right before your sessions.

3. Collecting the slides

Before the session of your talk, please send either “a web link to the file”, or “the file itself if the file size is less than 5MB” to LOC ( ml-at-hep2024-loc@ml.post.kek.jp ) , so the LOC will upload the slides to the conference web page. In case your slides cannot be made public, please let us know, so we will make sure not to upload.

Thanks for your cooperation for running the workshop smoothly.

We look forward to hearing your talks and discussions at the ML at HEP workshop.