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Sep 9 – 13, 2024
KEK Tsukuba campus
Asia/Tokyo timezone

The Seventh Plenary Workshop of the Muon g-2 Theory Initiative will be held at KEK (Tsukuba in Japan) in collaboration with IPNS, KMIFlaP, and J-PARC from 9th to 13th of September 2024. We plan to hold the workshop as a full in-person meeting. The anomalous magnetic moment of the Muon (Muon g-2) has received great attention, particularly after the results of Run 1 from the Fermilab E989 experiment were announced, with further updates from Run 2+3. Scrutiny of the prediction in the Standard Model has intensified, including multiple ongoing experimental efforts and theoretical calculations.  A new muon g-2 experiment is under preparation at J-PARC. The workshop aims at discussing recent progress on these developments, geared towards preparing an update of the Standard Model prediction for the Muon g-2.

Important deadlines
Registration deadline with VISA:                        June 9 (Sun), 2024
Abstract deadline :                                             June 30 (Sun), 2024
Registration deadline without VISA:                  July 14 (Sun) July 31 (Wed), 2024
Registration fee payment deadline:                   August 15 (Thu), 2024
Participation/Banquet cancellation deadline:  August 25 (Sun), 2024 



Invited Speakers (Regularly Updated, TBC = ToBeConfirmed)

  • Experiments: Elia Bottalico (Liverpool), Masato Kimura (KEK)
  • R-ratio for HVP: Vanya Logaschenko (CMD3/TBC), Estifa Zaid (KLOE/TBC), Riccardo Aliberti (BES III/TBC)
  • MC-Generator & Rad. Corrections: Yannick Ulrich (Univ. of Bern/TBC), William Torres Bobadilla (MPI-Munich/TBC), Jacobo Ruiz de Elvira (Madrid Univ. Remote/TBC)
  • Data-Driven HVP: Peter Stoffer (Zurich Univ, Remote/TBC)
  • Lattice HVP: Laurent Lellouch (Aix-Marseille Univ./TBC), Simon Kuberski(Mainz Univ.), Christoph Lehner (Regensburg Univ.), Shaun Lahert (Illinois Univ.), Roman Gruber (ETH/TBC), Diogo Boito (Sao Paulo Univ., Sao Carlos)
  • Hadronic tau Decay for HVP: Zhiqing Zhang (LAL), Mattia Bruno (Milan Bicocca Univ./TBC), Martina Cottini (Univ. of Bern/TBC)
  • Lattice HLbL: Xu Feng (RBC/UKQCD), Harvey Meyer (Mainz/TBC), Nikolaos Kalntis (ETMC), Antoine Gerardin (BMW/TBC), Jonna Koponen(Mainz/TBC)
  • Expr Inputs for HLbL: Johan Bijnens(Lund Univ.) Christoph Redmer (BES III, Mainz/TBC)
  • Analytic Calc. for HLbL: Nils Hermansson-Truedsson (Edinburgh Univ./TBC), Anton Rebhan (Vienna, Tech. Univ. /TBC), Maximilian Zillinger (Univ. of Bern/TBC), Simon Holz (Univ. of Bern/TBC), Jan-Niklas Toelstede (Zurich Univ.)
  • MUoNE: Riccardo Pilato (Univ. of Liverpool/possibly remote), Fulvio Piccinini (INFN Pavia/TBC)
  • QED for HVP: Ryuichiro Kitano (KEK)
  • BSM w.r.t. HVP: Motoi Endo (KEK)
  • Memories of Prof. Toichiro Kinoshita: Makiko Nio (Saitama Univ./TBC)


Scam warning
Please be aware of potential scams claiming to make housing reservations on your behalf. We were made aware of some participants receiving such messages from "" or similar addresses. Please ignore such emails and do not reply, click shared links, or provide your credit card information.

KEK Tsukuba campus
Kobayashi Hall
1-1 Oho, Tsukuba, JAPAN

Prior to this workshop, an international Physics School "Simon Eidelman’s School on Muon Dipole Moments and Hadronic Effects" will be organized at KMI, Nagoya University from September 2 to 6, 2024. Please note that a separate registration is requrired to participate in the school.

Registration for this event is currently open.