26-28 October 2021
Virtual (Zoom)
Asia/Tokyo timezone
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Overview of MMC stamp software development kit

27 Oct 2021, 16:20
Virtual (Zoom)

Virtual (Zoom)


Patrick Huesmann (DESY)


The Module Management Controller (MMC) is a mandatory component of every AMC board. DESY is developing, maintaining and licensing a turn-key MMC solution that is used on several hundred boards in different facilities - on DESY's own products as well as on third-party AMC boards developed by industrial customers and project partners. With the growing number of different boards, a clear separation between common code shared across boards and board-specific code becomes crucial - to keep the codebase maintainable as well as to provide a high-level API for AMC board developers who should be able to focus on their application without having to care about the low-level workings of the MMC. The high-level API makes a software development kit (SDK) possible, which is offered to MMC Stamp System-on-Module customers who wish to customize the pre-programmed firmware according to their needs. This presentation gives a brief overview of the SDK and the high-level API it provides to AMC board developers.

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