3-6 December 2019
Japan timezone

WiFi information

Wifi information

1.  eduroam is avairable. (recommended if you already have an account.)

2.  KEK Wireless LAN service is available, which needs the following additional registrations.

If you will use the KEK Wireless LAN service, please complete the following application before you come to KEK.

User Registration for KEK Wireless LAN service

For participants who don't have a KEK User account.

  1. Visit the webpage "KEK User information".
  2. Click User Registration in the left menu.
  3. Read the terms and click Agree at the bottom.
  4. Fill in the blank using the following information.
     [English]  [Japanese]
    (Please enter the period from your registration date to 31st Mar. 2020.)
  5. After Continue, please confirm the next page and push Agree.
  6. You will receive your User ID and Password by e-mail within 2 business days (via human processing).
  7. Change your Password within 48 hours, otherwise it will be expired.


For participants who have already got their User ID on the previous visit to KEK in 2007 or later.

  1. Please login from the webpage : "KEK User information"
    (User ID is your registered e-mail address. 
    If you don't remember your Password, please e-mail Users Office <uo1 (at) mail.kek.jp>.)
  2. Click +Administrative Procedures for Visiting KEK/J-PARC in the left menu.
  3. Click 2. Identify the purpose of your visit to KEK/J-PARC just below.
  4. Fill in the blank using the following information
     [English]  [Japanese]
    (Please enter the period from your registration date to 31st Mar. 2020.)
  5. Click Next and Agree.
  6. You will get e-mail within 2 business days (via human processing)

Application for KEK Wireless LAN service

Please register for KEK Wireless Lan Service through our portal site after changing your password.
How to register for KEK Wireless LAN Service


Please visit this web site and write User ID and Password and click "Login"
At the menu of the left side of the screen,

Click "+Administrative  Procedure for Visiting KEK/J-PARC".
Click "1.Administration relating to your visit" just below.
Click "Next".
Click "Submit" for
"Application for Wireless LAN access (Tsukuba Campus)".
About "Contact in KEK",
"Phone number to reach you inside KEK" : 5393.
"Full name of the the liaison person in KEK" : Reiko Tamura