26-28 October 2021
Virtual (Zoom)
Asia/Tokyo timezone
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Synchronization of several EtherCAT networks by new multi-network EtherCAT AMC client

27 Oct 2021, 15:20
Virtual (Zoom)

Virtual (Zoom)


Herbert Erd (N.A.T)


Certain scenarios in industry and scientific research require to synchronize different EtherCAT networks with a high accuracy. The more precise the time stamp requirements become, the more difficult this task gets using classical solutions. By means of a newly developed AMC module, the time signals can be synchronously fed into and read from up to 8+1 independent EtherCAT networks. This provides a new possibility to connect classical industrial solutions to high performance MicroTCA systems in a flexible and cost-efficient way. The talk will compare this new solution to classical ones and high-light the benefits for users such as the European XFEL, Hamburg, Germany, where it will be used to connect to the installed MicroTCA systems.

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