26-28 October 2021
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More flexible and cost-efficient x86 and non-x86 based compute power for MicroTCA systems

27 Oct 2021, 15:40
Virtual (Zoom)

Virtual (Zoom)


Herbert Erd (N.A.T)


One of today’s setback in MicroTCA is the limited availability of (latest) x86 CPU generations in AMC formfactor. To overcome this situation and to provide more flexibility to the market N.A.T has developed a new carrier for COMex modules in AMC format which allows customers to select processing power based on exact needs, i.e. payload or control, from a small 2-core Celeron up to powerful 6 core XEON, made of the latest x86 CPU generation. The new COMex AMC carrier can host COMex modules based on TYPE 6 and 7 and is not limited to CPUs from Intel®. The new CPU carrier in AMC format will provide more flexibility and scalability to MicroTCA systems. It is a logical step in system design, from N.A.T.’s existing NAT-MCH-RTM module to the upcoming requirements addressed by the next generation of MicroTCA, providing more power, more bandwidth and higher bandwidth per AMC.

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