29 January 2024
Asia/Tokyo timezone
Announcement of the 8th EUV-FEL Workshop!

Utilization of IoT, AI and related technologies, information processing devices and systems are evolving towards an ultra-smart society. To this end, EUV exposure technology has been introduced to the forefront of semiconductor chip production.

If we scope the future of EUV lithography technologies such as high NA EUV lithography exposure system, it is important to increase the EUV light source power to reduce the stochastic effect, and to achieve polarized light in order to ensure optimal contrast for high NA exposure system.  Additionally, a wavelength tunable EUV light source, a crucial element for realizing Beyond EUVL, is essential in the long term. In this regard, the EUV-FEL light source emerges as one of the most promising candidates.

We are delighted to report recent developments, including the commencement of the construction of an advanced semiconductor chip fabrication facility by the Japanese company Rapidus Corporation, as well as the establishment of xLight, Inc. in the USA, dedicated to the development of an accelerator-based light source for lithography.

The workshop will be held at the afternoon of January 29, 2024, and will be conducted in English as an international gathering. The event will take place at two locations: NEXT-1/UDX in Tokyo and the Zoom platform virtually.

Dr. Kazunari Ishimaru, representing Rapidus Corporation, will deliver a keynote lecture on the "The Future of Semiconductor Manufacturing: New Developments in Speed and Innovation. " Additionally, we are honored to feature distinguished invited speakers, including Dr. Erik R. Hosler, CEO of xLight, Inc., Prof. Shinichiro Michizono from KEK, Dr. Patrick P. Naulleau, CEO of EUV Tech Inc., Dr. Hisataka Takenaka from TOYAMA Co., Ltd., and Prof. Hakaru Mizoguchi from Kyushu University, who will present their respective invited talks. 

We hope that you will participate and discuss on high-power EUV light sources for the future at this meeting. 


Sunao Ishihara
Representative of EUV-FEL Light Source Study Group for Industrialization

Hiroshi Kawata
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, Innovation Center for Applied Superconducting Accelerator (iCASA)


This workshop is supported by funding based on "KEK Donation Programs".

〒101-0021 4-14-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Akihabara UDX 4F
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